Shanghai early early education institutions suddenly closed, and many parents had a closed door.

“The WeChat notice is to take the quilt today, but this door is not open.” On July 19th, in the Putuo District, the “Kerry Baby”, a pair of three-year-old twins. On July 17, he has also taken a twin to school, but the same gate is closed, and it is notified that it is power outage.

On July 19th, the news ( reporter visited the three Kerry Baby store, some of the door closed, people went to the building, some were still working properly. It is worth mentioning that some franchise stores are eager to clear the relationship with the Kerry Baby brand, and the name has been changed to terminate cooperation.

Journalists learned from the Shanghai Market Supervision Department, the Labor Monitoring Department, the market supervision department, and the labor monitoring department have been involved in the investigation.

On July 19, 2019, Shanghai Putuo District, I got the garden, Kaili Baby, was notified to take the parents who took the quilt. This article is the picture of the news reporter Qi Ming intern Wu Xu children map


“Kerry Baby” on the 3rd floor of My Square Garden, the reporter saw that the store has a handwritten statement, “We are deeply sorry! The company’s headquarters is negotiating with the mall to negotiate to solve this matter. “With the declaration of the storeman, Kaibei Education, the mobile phone number of the Chairman of Kaibei Education, but these mobile phone numbers are in a stateless.

The store has a handwritten statement.


From the business license posted on the door, Putuo I Get Square Garden is “Shanghai Kaibei Education Technology Co., Ltd.”.

A copy of the business license posted by Putuo Inglang Plaza Park

The reporter found in the “Day Eye” search, the store “business scope” is “technical development, technical consultation, technical service, technology transfer, cultural and artistic exchange activities planning, public relations activities planning, tourism consultation, business consultation , Exhibition service, office supplies, automobile and motorcycle parts, automotive sales, e-commerce (not engaged in financial business), various advertising design, production, agents, release, engage in goods and technology import and export business, but did not mention Premature education.

On the same day, although the store did not open the door, there was a parent to come. Because it is a working day, most of them came to grandparents, grandmother.

Another old man recalled: “There is no omen, July 16th, 3 Toba, our child sent it, I went to the next floor of the supermarket to buy food, I also came to each class. The 20 children are not arrived. That day the child is working properly, nap. On July 17th, stop, today (July 19) morning, when I came, the teachers came, and the teacher cried. Say arrears their salary.

A mother said that she is 2 years old this year. Before pregnancy, this store was opened, and I was told that the store was a direct store, so I feel famous for the famous store, I will not “run” I bought this swimming lesson, but I didn’t get an invoice.

Another mother also said that she has already spent more than 20,000 yuan in this store in this store. Now there is still more than 40 lessons, and it is about 4,000 yuan.

At present, there is a number of “Kerry Baby” that has not sighed. On July 18, the Kerry Baby Early Learning Center has been published through its public account. It has confirmed that the stop service store is 6, which is Baoshan Yingao West Road, Putuo, Ingqi Plaza, Xuhui Guangqiyuan, Pudong Tang Tangyuan, Thumbs Foundation And Qingpu Fuyuan.

Terry Baby Some Store Stop Service Notice Newspaper Screenshot

The notice is, where the above park members and the curriculum contract are still valid, and they can register before August 31, 2019 and transfer to the park. The Cerry Baby Management Headquarters will coordinate the registration and transfer park. Matter.

In this regard, there are parents who have a parent in the scene. Tired on the road. “


The news reporter saw on the official website of “Kerry Baby” Early Learning Center, there are 63 stores in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, and 4 in Zhejiang Province. 3 of Anhui Province, 2 Chongqing, 1 Yunnan Province, 1 Shaanxi Province.

On the same day, the reporter also visited the other 2 stores of Kerry Baby on the spot.

On July 10, 2019, Kerry Baby Early Learning Center Songjiang Sanxiangyuanmen store normal enrollment.

In the Sanxiang Garden store in Songjiang District, Kerry Baby, the reporter saw that 5 children in this store’s summer Tubu are in class. In addition, there are 2 teachers in the scene that is assembling a new table. There is no in the store. Public posted business license.

The store staff said they are franchise stores, and they also know what other stores are close.


In the Lei Hongfang Garden Door Store in Kerry Babei, everything is everywhere. The store staff said they are franchise stores, not affected. The news reporter saw in the front desk of the store, and one of their business licenses appeared as “Shanghai Tuyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Minhang District Branch”.

However, the reporter found since the “sky-eye” search, “Business Scope” “” Business Scope “in” Shanghai Tie Culture Communication Co., Ltd. “is” Cultural Art Exchange Planning, Business Information Consulting, Stage Art Model Planning, Enterprise Image Planning, Market Marketing planning, computer graphic design, conference service, exhibition service, wedding etiquette service, photography service (in addition to printing), sales: clothing shoes, furniture, toys, daily necessities, wood products, plastic products, crafts, electronics Product, office supplies, did not mention early education.

There are also some “join” stores to start with “Kerry Baby”. Puyuo I Get Plaza Garden Door Store took out the mobile phone display, located in Baoshan Dahua’s Keri Babei Huaweiyuan to “Shanghai Aikou Baby Growth Center”, with Kerry Brand to stop cooperative relationship.

The Teri Belle Huawei, the Parents showcase is changed to the Iron Baby Growth Center.

Previously, “Kerry Baby” has happened to abuse and illegal housing incident.

In March 2019, Pudong New Area Education Bureau, Pudong New Area Market Supervision Bureau, Shanghai Public Security Bureau Pudong Branch, through “Pudong Education Sports” WeChat Public Name, Pudong New Area Kerry Baby (North Cai Shop) is suspected of abuse childhood, verification The situation is basically true, and the store has no early education, housing service qualification. In July, Shanghai Nanxiang launched a joint rectification action of illegal housing agencies, including 6 illegal housing agencies in Kerry Baby.