I would like to have heard of PET / CT examination in recent years. In recent years, a “superpoter” – “Explorer” TOTAL BODY PET / CT, it just won the science magazine Cover, the magazine of the British Physics Association IOP, Physics World, said that one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs in 2018, known as the “Hubble Telescope” to explore the mysterium.

Where is this “detective”?

Is it 40 times higher than the traditional PET / CT,

“Explorer” (UEXPLORER)

First, identify the fire of cancer cells

It is mentioned that cancer is mentioned. According to WHO, in 2004, the number of cancer deaths has reached 7.4 million, and it is expected that by 2030, the world will reach 12 million due to cancer deaths.

When cancer cells are not controlled and spread, not only the nutrition of the body, but also invade the normal tissue of the human body, even “占 鹊”, violate organs and damage its normal function, and destroy the normal operation of the human system.

Humanities have always been loaded forward in the long anti-cancer road. Since cancer cells are good at camouflage, it is not easy to find that it is not easy, and PET / CT acts as a muman invention on the anti-cancer road, which identifies the “flavor gold” of cancer cell camouflage.

“Explorer” (UEXPLORER)作为同行中的佼佼者,目前已经落户于瑞金医院的转化医学中心,将为临床精准诊断和前瞻性科研工作的探索提供强有力的技术支持。

Is it 40 times higher than the traditional PET / CT,

Second, “Explorer”: Check the fastest 1 minute

Original PET / CT, its PET axial imaging field of view is 15-20 cm, and the human body is segmented as a cucumber section, collecting image information, and then splicing into a panoramic map through the post-technical processing.

“Explorer” PET / CT, its PET axial imaging is increased to 2m, only the check is lying on the inspection bed, you can get almost all available signals emitted in the human body, and PET sensitivity has increased by nearly 40 times, The human body achieves full body coverage.

Moreover, in the molecular level, the distribution, metabolism, etc. of the injected tracer can perform real-time tracking and measurement of secondary time accuracy, this check, the fastest 1 minute can do well, but also reduced radiation.

总的来说,”Explorer” (UEXPLORER)有着超强广角的视野,不仅实现了全身动态成像,还能兼顾灵敏快速成像与精细结构显示两项优势,“鱼”与“熊掌”兼得。

Is it 40 times higher than the traditional PET / CT,

Third, the main clinical application of “explorer”

The most obvious feature of “Explorer” is to check the time from 15-20 minutes, shortened to 1-5 minutes, while the speed is greatly improved. Its clinical application is mainly the following five aspects:

1, tumor diagnosis, installment, efficacy evaluation and follow-up:

High resolution CT imaging provides a multi-angle clear anatomical image, while PET can display molecular levels of molecular levels such as metabolism, proliferation, labium, and receptor distribution, high sensitivity, high diagnosis, installment and efficacy evaluation of tumors. Image studies basis.

2, nervous system disease:

PET metabolism, receptor, protein, etc. are used to provide cerebral tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease and the positioning or qualitative diagnosis and efficacy detection of different neurological diseases such as cerebral tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease.

3, cardiovascular disease:

CT can clearly show the anatomy of myocardium and coronary artery, and accurately judge myocardial vitality and perform cardiomylation analysis through PET and CT. It is the current evaluation of myocardial vitality.

4, tumor screening:

One imaging can complete the whole body exploration, and early detection of malignant lesions that seriously endanger health, so that “bad molecules” are hidden.

5, clinical study:

“Explorer” super capability, can also help medical experts have gradually studied multi-system disease at the molecular level, and greatly support the development and treatment of new drugs.

Written text: Wang Wei, nuclear medicine

Editor: Han Koni