Recently, Salzburg, which produces famous “Mozart ball” bankrupt.

Salzburg chocolate company bankruptcy

The German “South Deaf Post” website reported that the production of the famous “authentic Mozart ball” Salzburg chocolate company is not worthy of debt, and has recently applied for bankruptcy. The Salzburg District Court launched the corresponding bankruptcy program.

New crown epidemic is one of the important causes of bankruptcy. Since the new crown epidemic in 2020, tourists from Austria have been revolutionized. Traditionally, they are the main target group of chocolate consumption. Almost every tourist will buy this package with gold foil, decorated with Mozart portrait.

According to the President of Salzburg Chocolate, the President of Salzburg is reported. During the same period, wedding, birthday and family celebrations have also been reduced, and “Mozart Ball” is the food and main gift of these activities, demand reduction inhibition of sales. . The Candy Store in Salzburg has once again closed due to the epidemic. “The current blockade and raw materials, energy, wages, logistics costs and cost of packaging materials are (bankrupt) further reasons.”


Salzburg chocolate is trying to reorganize. Is this feasible still to be observed, but the prospect is not optimistic. The dilemma of Salzburg chocolate highlights the unfavorable factors facing the tourism-oriented company, Austria has become the first European countries that re-enforced blockade in the latest wave of epidemic. The government stated that these restrictions have caused the country to lose up to 1.2 billion euros per week and forced approximately 400,000 workers to participate in subsidies employment programs.

Austrian identity symbol

Obviously, all this has led to the end of the company dating back to the 19th century. After the Second World War, the company has achieved sales success in the international “Mirabeel Mozartkugeln”. Just like movie “The Voice of Music” is the same as the significance of Austria, in the field of candy, “Mozart ball” is Austrian brand ambassador.

Like many well-known brands, there are many arguments on those who originally created the only one, authentic “Mozart ball”. A confectionery in Salzburg claims to invent “The original Salzburg Mozurwan”. After several legal disputes, these balls and the current “Authentic Reber Mozart Ball” and “Zhengzong Mira Belzburg Mozart Ball”. In addition, due to the image of Mozart does not belong to anyone, other companies can also use chocolate, almond sugar, pistachio and nougat.

“Mozart ball” is often seen as an identity symbol of Austria. Former Austrian Prime Minister, Wolfgang Schüssel, has mentioned three typical items in Austria: “Mozart ball”, Lipizzaner, and neutral. In early 2000, Xucale believed that these three things were “old templates”, they must be re-considered, because they no longer occupy a place in complex reality in the 21st century. At least “Mozart Ball”, Xucale may be right.

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