Good trace shoes anti-slip performance is preferred, excellent drain is critical, cushioning reduction is indispensable, quick-drying material, protection performance also needs to be considered. Small cover is selected for you.


Decathlon’s fast-dry summer sand beach sandals OVS

Overality of OVS, 5cm particle anti-slip sole, excellent anti-skid performance, breathable sandwich mesh, drainage quick dry, side rubber band design, wear easy, side fabric, side fabric, prevent sand, to 59.9 yuan!



途 户外 登 溪 溪 水水 鞋 1692


The honeycomb structure is used to dry the breathable mesh, which is free to adjust the lace, free fit, comfortable, sole fusion EVA, triangle pattern, MD, anti-wear puncture function, anti-stone slip, grasp. The whole is light and stunned, not tired. Jingdong to the hand price is only 99 yuan!



Camel wading sandals A013036274

The fast-drying breathable mesh fabric of the honeycomb structure is made, breathable, and always keep the feet refresh. The upper two-way rolled sand hole is designed, and the water is quickly excluded, reducing the rejuvenation resistance. Bound system, stable and easy to looser, safe and safe, the gathering is only 179 yuan!



RAX water and land two inbathing boots

Second-generation reciprocating shoes, strengthening the nano-thickening mesh, wear-resistant ventilation, upper design of multiple breathable circulation systems, always keep refreshing and comfortable. Multi-directional transformation and material treatment are made, thus reducing weight, achieving the perfect unity of appearance and shoes. Side-wing drain hole design, speed up the drainage speed, Shu refresh, the lowest to hand price is only 199 yuan!


Pathfinder Women’s Water Waterproof


The “Dam” drainage system, the drainage hole does not directly contact the ground, reduce the water, and the drain port variable can provide a soft foot feel, the shock absorption is comfortable, the square segmentation pattern is designed to further increase the anti-skid grip in the water. . SPR refusal to water mesh, do not absorb water, painful. Single items offer hundred yuan, only 240 yuan in the hands!



Cohen SEACAMP II CNX Children


Keen Cohen is the first ranking of the stream of shoes, strong strength, rich experience. This is handled by leather and rubber partition, rugged protective and breathable, adjustable laces, secure comfortable, cork, cushioning does not tired foot, sole slot pattern to ensure its non-slip. The activity to the hand price is only 319 yuan! SF.