The PVC wrapping film is a packaging product of a different specification in the winding film, and the PVC winding film may also be referred to as a stretch film, and the PVC wrapping film is self-adhesive generated by electrostatic adsorption, which avoids secondary pollution of the packaging product. However, the PVC winding film is compared with the PE stretch film, the tensile strength of the PVC winding film does not have a PE stretch film, but is strong than the retraction ratio of the PE stretch film, and can be tightly packed. It is not easy to make looseness such as loosening, which is a good packaging result.


First, the characteristics of the PVC winding film product

The width of the PVC winding film is generally narrow, and the commonly used width is 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 cm, and the thickness of the PVC wrap film is 20 microns, which can be wound into small objects, such as wires, cables, etc. Wait, packaging is a gypsum core woven bag, usually 25 kg per package. Due to the characteristics of high transparency of PVC winding membrane, it is possible to make the product packaging. The PVC wrapping film is low, easy to use, the contraction effect is good, the surface gloss is transparent, commonly used in wire and cable type products package, PVC wrapping film has good toughness, pressure resistance, moisture-resistant, cold-resistant Sexual characteristics.

Second, the function of the PVC wrap film

1. PVC winding film is made of new materials, no spicy and odor, and is not dangerous.

2. His toughness is not easy to break. This advantage is played during the packaging process, allowing customers to reduce packaging costs.


3. The dust, waterproof and protection of the PVC wrap film plays a protective role in the transportation of packaging products, and it is not easy to scratch.

4. The customer is more concerned about the packaging cost of PVC wrapping film. The cost of the PVC winding film is very low and is the customer’s priority.

The above is about the introduction of the PVC winding film, I hope that everyone has gains after reading the article.