The two days of Beijing finally made people feel the breath of the winter, and they went out to fly the wind. They were frozen, the sour feeling …, it is a super warm super Nice’s wool scarf to go out to go out!

When this season is a scarf, it is a hand-embroidered scarf with exquisite cultures today, and the delicate embroidery will make your winter colorful!

Style 1 – Kashmir pure cashmere fox wool scarf


This scarf is really super warm, Kashmir cashmere is the best cashmere in the world, not one, although thin but really super warm, match the soft fox hair, it is really melting!

Style 2 – Indian cosmos wool hand-embroidered scarf

The golden color of the gemstone blooms the colorful cosmos embroidery, the color match is just right, surrounded in the neck, as if it is in the ocean, warmth!

Style three – Indian tree wool double-sided embroidered scarf

Different colors of leaves are intertwined together, such as autumn, although it is like summer flowers like Jinqi, don’t have its own unique charm, beautiful but not Zhang Yang.


Style Four – Indian National Wind and Wool Embroidered Scarf

Geometric graphics with fragile embroidery, color use with rich exotic style.


Style five – Indian Persi full embroidered wool embroidered scarf


This scarf is the most favorite scarf, cosmos full embroidery, blue green flower, with yellow strokes, graceful, beautiful, beautiful soul!