The first eye is impressed, I think the snow is a small child, but the body is very uniform, and the long phase gives me a very gentle feel.

But honestly, she is often some

Dareful old look,

I didn’t put her gentle, and the woman’s taste was reflected.

Snow red may also realize this, so the appeal is


Refreshing + fashion

, I think she probably likes that simple but temperament style ~

Combined with her own conditions, I think as long as I spend some effort in hairstyle and dressing!


Makeup transformation

It can be seen that the snow is usually not makeup, plus the body of Bao Ma, whether it is from time or makeup, it is not suitable for too complex makeup.


And her own skin is good, so as long as the most prominent problem is modified.

In my opinion, the five senses of snow red belong to a large five official and distributed evenly, and there is no big hard injury, but there is a kind of faint approval.


I found this feeling after I saw it carefully.

From her mouth



Her mouth belongs to

Broad, but very thin

Along with a point of obliged problems, the faith is relatively deep.


Don’t think that the gathered ribs are relaxed, in fact, most of the bones are bulging due to the front of the gum bone, and the nature will be deep.

In addition to correcting correction surgery, makeup flexible


It is very important.

It is recommended to choose to have your skin color.

White color number

Highlight cream, first disconnected in the hand, a small amount of multiple places in the gathered depression, then felt with a beautiful makeup.

I will find it after painting

The depression suddenly got up.

It is like being filled with hyaluronic acid. Once this deep texture disappears, naturally.

(图 源 r @ 卢西西)

For thin lips, first look at this picture, basically show a change in women from youth to the elderly face.



The mouth is thin, and the people grow long.

It is an important feature of the age, so I suggest that snow red can consider the appropriate mouth of the mouth.

It is not difficult to operate, as long as we don’t have a red.


Little over the lips

, Then paint in the middle of the person, you can feel the feeling of smashing the lips.

In the absence of other five senses, it is only smart

Filling depression with high light + with mouth red full lip


, Snow-red face status will look very young.

▲ Shorten the people, painting thick lips




I have always emphasized that hairstyle changes to people more important than makeup and dress, so everyone must pay attention to.


Snow-red face has obvious

Torp depression + cheekbones stand out

If you don’t have a hairstyle to modify it, you will look large and have a skin loss of collagen.

The original snow-red bangs are short Qi Liuhai, and they did not block the side of the temples and humerals on the side.


Therefore, my transformation idea is to use hairstyles to block, and the face line is modified, no longer embarrassing, which will increase the affinity of the entire person.

It is recommended to go to the barber shop to repair the side Liu Hai, remember that this is

Male Liuhai

It is not the kind of fine-breaking Liu Hai must, and the former is more suitable for blocked. Everyone must distinguish.

But this Liu Hai needs himself to be hot at home, otherwise the daily is straight, and the tutorial is also very simple.

Just put the bunch of Liu Hai first, then roll the roll into the volume, pay attention

Side on the side side

This is the “S” type that is turned over.

I do this everyday, the curl should be generally


Turn to a minimum temperature

It is just that there is a natural effect, and once the temperature is too high, it is easy to fail.




As mentioned earlier, the snow is a well-known body, and the reason why it is not treated, lies in the color.

Many times, this is such a black or dark coffee color, and the style is also biased, and it is naturally not easy.

My suggestion is a lot of try

Add white single product

If you don’t dare to try, you can buy a white or inner, so that you are more insurance.


For example, she is also wearing a suit, this white + green combination is significantly better than a coffee color.

So, if you always dress being old, think about it, is it rarely wearing light or white items? Add it, the whole look will be big!

In addition to the color of the color, I found that the combination of snow-shaking is too single. It is basically a short outer casing + small black trousers.


Singlelation of clothes

It is one of the sources of a sense.

Especially if you don’t have a small black pants, this type of tight pants is very high on the leg type, just simply with small white shoes. It is difficult to wear.


So, I suggest it can be


Conical jeans, white trousers

Wait, it also adds refreshness while modifying leg type.


Style shaped

So, we will create two sets of LOOks from color and styles, all of which are refreshing and simple.



White suit + jeans

Suits are a single item for commuting, but it is compared to difficulty dark gratiters.

Milk white small suit


It will be refreshed fine.

The temperature and the soft beans are also selected, and the saturation is not picking people, but the colorful activity is injected.

According to the experience,

The version of the conical pants is more suitable for most people

So I chose a classic cowboy blue conical pants, and the white-west suit is still with a face.

Wearing this to go to work, there must be a refreshing feeling such as Mu Chunfeng.


Middle Coat + White Pants

I found that many little sons don’t dare to try long coats. In fact, there is a worry, just choose a length of the knee, then wear

A pair of 4-5 cm thick shoes

And the gas field is still very high!

On the colors of the jacket, I chose the whispered oatmeal color, and I will come to the blue point. The combination of the two is very good, there is a lot of simple black and white ash.

Shoes choose a pair of black leather boots to press color, the whole look


More textive

This will be some of the gas field, but the same is not lost, the small child can move directly!

The little child did not dare to wear long coats. Huang Hui couldn’t dare to wear light single products. In the process of transformation, I found that many people’s own conditions are not bad, but they are all in the courage, remember!

The key to dressing progress is that the courage is trying.