Just ended 2017 autumn and winter Milan fashion week,

“Big woman” image of the image of “no two.

Sometimes elegant, sometimes strong,


Mature, practice and dare to break the rules.


As if in this world,


It is dominated.

Do you want to be a big woman who keeps charm?

Let’s find the inspiration!

Shirt version of the long leather, the atmosphere is sure, and it feels the wind to swing. . One piece of red unmultiplexed silk shirt, classic.


Sheep leather clothing original price of 7890 yuan shirt original price of 1590 yuan

Casual striped weixi, with a truncated wide-leg pants, simple and fashionable. The fabric is cotton fiber + linen, it is not easy to plerse, shiny, reflects exquisite from the details.


The original price of the top price of 2870 yuan pants original price of 1970 yuan

A suit, reflects taste. Well, the high waist design of the high-waist design, the vitality of the hand, can help you suck the eye in the spring. Material is cotton gana, not easy to start, not easy to get a knee, and become beautiful while avoiding embarrassment.



The original price of 1388 yuan pants is 1388 yuan

The long skirt is matched with a tulle top, a jacket, and a little sexy while cool. The entire clothes are loose version, do not pick up your body.



The original price of 1290 yuan skirt original price of 1390 yuan

There must be a denim shirt, jeans, cowboy jacket. . . But is there any cowboy dress? The design is designed with aged straps, and the Skirt in the A is still legged.


The original price of the dress is 2980 yuan

I heard that “big woman” and “overbearing president” are superficial!

Casual suits in cotton fabrics are very breathable, and there is a thinner design. In addition, the color of the suit seems to be blue, in fact, shallow water, but this year’s epidemic!



Coat original price 5800 yuan color hemp shirt original price 2280 yuan

A set of three-dimensional tailored suit is very suitable for business people. With a red tie, it can also be used as a groom. The fabric is imported in Italy, the can be tailored.

Warm bird


Suit the original price of 5,000 yuan in western pants, original price 2960 yuan shirt original price 3360 yuan tie original price 690 yuan square towel original price 290 yuan


Baby change, mother extra points ~

Cowboy jacket with hay, this dress is cool. Cowboy contains Leva, and the elasticity is more comfortable. Nepilla velvet in the hoodie, strong warmth.

Folli Foillie

Cowmone jacket original price 639 yuan hooded original price 399 yuan pants original price 399 yuan

The cotton coat is suitable for the baby of 0-18 months, from the head to the foot is buckled, and it is very convenient to wear.




Connected coat original price of 330 yuan

It’s warm, exercise. .

For thin, for a good-looking clothes

♪ (^ ∇ ^ *)

(5.9 fold from sports area)

Variety “24-hour” Han Geng with the same paragraph, using nylon finely brought cloth fabrics, higher-grade, and has a gas permeability of knit jackets, now buy a limited edition of sports towels.



The original price of the top price 1280 yuan pants original price 640 yuan


Top is quick-drying fabric, can be quickly detached, reflective logo details, so you are running safer during night. With compressed pants, sports shorts, shock shock shoes, sports we are serious ~



Short-sleeved original price 499 yuan compressed pants original price 899 yuan shorts original price 269 yuan shoes 899 yuan

Attachment: Great Game Festival Gift Guide


Can add moisture, brighten your skin, and fade the fine lines of the weather. (Water, milk, eye cream, cream, etc.)

The weather is 3,300 yuan


The milk is all, and one will come to the 鎏 金 精 能 的, help Ma Ma more modified fine lines.

鎏 金 精华 original 5500 yuan



In addition to skin care products, the favorite of Ma Ma is lipstick. The big red, “Yang Mi Powder” of Lancome, “Yang Mi Powder”, Fantasy Major is suitable for the lack of lips. On March 4, 5, the purchase of “small black tube” can also be free to letter, seeing the lipstick engraved with his name, Ma Ma must be very happy.

Lancome “small black tube” original price 270 yuan


Buy Lancome products over 1080 yuan, 2080 yuan and skin care suites.


Don’t forget to buy gifts yourself. Limited high-quality wet cream + whitening essence, helping you continue to make white plans. Apply no pigmented sunscreen isolation emulsion, it is to be white!

Whitening 淡斑 精 精 50ml original price 730 yuan high-quality wet cream 125ml original price 500 yuan sunscreen isolation lotion 60ml original price 540 yuan

March 3rd – March 12, Song Lei Nangang store held a spring VIP appreciation. VIP purchase department store full 500 to send 320 (non-VIP full 500 to 300), cosmetics over 300 to 60, shopping is full of gifts. Come and purchase spring clothes ~

“Full delivery” 啥意, is it?

For example, you can buy a 1000 yuan (equivalent to the two 500), you can receive 320×2 = 640 yuan shopping gift gold, that is, add 60 yuan to buy a $ 700 of goods.

If you are tired, you can go to the Ming Lei, you can enjoy the Phalaenopsis.


These flowers are imported from Taiwan (Taiwan is the origin of Phalaenopsis), nearly 50 kinds of different colors, the Phalaenopsis of the category will make you feel the breath of the spring.

Moreover, Phalaena Lan does not like water, do not like sunshine, very good, hug home is also excellent

POLI Children’s Paradise

Officially opened on March 4th

The opening of a fun football match will be held on the same day, and children’s performances, etc., can also help the baby to set up a lively birthday meeting (want to participate in the end of the text, consult details, registration)

Venue: A, a building, a building

Dynamic bicycle meeting

Professional coach belts you warm up! Active four shots, enthusiastically unrestrained burning fat bar ↓↓

Location: B1 Sports Area Square

Song Lei Nangang Center

Address: No. 329, Dongda, Nang District

[All product information and activity prices are subject to in-store in the store]