Ms. Zheng, 46 years old, bought several quantum energy underwear. The result did not have any effect, but inflammation appeared. Recently, the gynecologists of several hospitals in the urban areas have said that they rely on “quantum energy” to adjust endocrine, prevent gynecological diseases are unlikely, require correct treatment and scientific conditioning.

“Quantum underwear” no effect

In April this year, Ms. Zheng was in the unit physical examination, found a few uterine fibroids, as well as gynecological diseases such as attachment inflammation, and the doctor let her check in half a year. After more than a month, Ms. Zheng went shopping with friends, bought a number of quantum energy underwear.

Ms. Zheng said that the merchant pointed to a piece of coin on the sample to tell her that the above is a quantum energy sticker, which can release the physical energy field, strengthen the blood circulation of abdominal blood, to the warm palace and bactericobacteria. Long-term wearing can prevent improving gynecological inflammation, adjust endocrine, and adjust the menopause. She is worried about gynecological diseases, listening to the introduction of the merchant, I bought a few.

Who knows that after a while, Ms. Zheng has not only effectively effectively, but also has inflammation. The results of the hospital have shown that Ms. Zheng has suffered vaginitis, and the relevant symptoms of the original uterine fibroids and annex inflammation have not improved.

At present, Ms. Zheng is under treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Quantum products are still endless

The reporter learned that not only the physical store has “quantum energy” underwear sales, many websites are also sold, the price ranges from tens of or several hundred yuan.

In a online store for sale in underwear, a “emollient quantum pants” product introduction, “Abdominal implantation of technology quantum chip, strengthens the blood circulation of abdominal blood, reaching the warm palace effect …”

The reporter found that in addition to underwear, there are many products with “quantum energy” flag, such as socks, insole, and water cups, comb, necklaces, and various treatment instruments.

Subsequently, the reporter queried in the Internet, there were many reports on “quantum counter”. In April this year, CCTV “focus interview” column has been a special report. “Quantum” is not a component, but a special state of microscopic particles, and it is necessary to observe quantum effects in a very short time under conditions close to zero 273.15 ° C, therefore, these so-called “quantum” The product is just in the heat.

Keep the diet balanced work

The deputy director of the gynecological deputy director of the Municipal Medicine Hospital said, the “energy black point” on underwear is adjusted to adjust endocrine, preventing gynecological diseases being unobstructed.

How does women regulate the body, improve endocrine, prevent gynecological diseases? “Chinese medicine is in the car, the evil is not counted”, “Yu Jinfeng suggested that female friends Sleep, “Need to be reminded, women should regularly do gynecologic medical examinations, if the body is uncomfortable, it is necessary to do medical treatment.”

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[Source: Yangzhou Net _ Yangzhou Minsheng]

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