In this era of rapid development, buy new housing, new housing to be renovated, old houses should be transformed, and the update of room wallpapers is very told. Wallpapers not only express our lives, so that our room is personalized, creating a warm and comfortable family atmosphere, but healthy and environmentally friendly is a factor that must pay attention to it. Especially for children’s bedrooms, ensuring non-pollution and hygiene in wallpapers, is the principle of adults preferred wallpaper.

Most wall paper is composite made of underlying and surface, many black-hearted wallpapers and even brand wallpapers often confuse concepts, called paper surface wallpaper, or called pulp composite, pulp fiber wallpaper, but true The pure paper wallpaper is made of pure paper material made from natural wood pulp, whether the bottom or the facial layer is made of natural wood pulp. It is completely environmentally friendly. We can identify the following four ways.


Watch now. Pure paper wallpaper is made of natural pulp, so

Surface gloss

The refractory sense brought by no plastic. The surface of the surface wallpaper attached to a layer of PVC, which can clearly feel the strong reflective feeling of the surface, very glaring.


: Open a new volume of new pure paper wallpaper or a pure paper wallpaper version, will only ask from it

Fresh wood pulp

. The rubber surface wallpaper comes with a strong PVC plastic flavor, very pungent. It should be noted here that if the version of the rubber surface wallpaper has been used for a while, the PVC taste has been distributed, and the taste of the PVC will not be asked.



: Repeatedly ask the material of the salesperson wallpaper, looking for whether the salesperson has no absence of material explanation, pay attention to observe its expression, see if there is unnatural situation.


: Touch the wallpaper surface, most of the pure paper wallpaper is a flat product, slightly slightly


. The rubber surface paper is smooth and partially bred.

Another one is

“Fire” method

. Due to the particularity of pure paper products, there is no harmful substance, so it is ignited.

White smoke


Nasal nose


The residue after burning is

plant ash

If you don’t have a hand with your hand, there is no residual plastic particles. The rubber surface wallpaper will take a black smoke in the latency, producing a tattoo scent, and then leave the residue of PVC after burning, and the small collagen is specifically manifested as black.

The above approach is to pass the expert test, most people have accumulated experience in daily life, giving the majority of people who are renovating or preparing for renovation, I hope that the little flowers of the motherland can be healthy and happy, happy growing up!