Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, known as the three major supermarket brands in the United States, Levi’s has the highest awareness in China, and the domestic price is more expensive. This Ace Cargo TWILL SHORT male tooling casual pants is a more suitable for summer-lasting pants. Cotton fabric, comfortable and type. Multi-pockets on both sides of the thigh can be placed different items to meet different needs. Direct shape is suitable for most people, with a casual T-shirt to create a casual summer shape. Can be washed. Meiya evaluation is good, many people said that they are very comfortable and fit.

US Amazon today’s black price is $ 14.99, the size is more complete transport to the hand is about 150 yuan, the delivery weight is about 1 pound, and the number of purchases is more cost-effective ~ Another two camouple color price of 27.77-29.99 Mini, can I am like to choose. In the Taobao purchase price of about 300-400 yuan, Haitao price has an advantage and fidelity.

Levi's 李维斯 Ace Cargo Twill男款工装休闲中裤$14.99

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