, No one can say Chinese men out of fashion, or can not be generalized.

Can support this argument, it is the men who have more and more say in the fashion market.


No longer just a nice dress cool it more important to be able to choose the brand and the consumer like a single product according to their own aesthetic and value.

Not just beautiful clothing, accessories for the use of modeling, but also indicates that Chinese men more open, pluralistic and aesthetic ideas.

Various accessories in a single product, in addition to the foot of that pair of shoes, the most widely used is undoubtedly the top of the head





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Like shoes, fashion wise men of course, more than a cap paragraph.

Pay attention to the point, would choose a different hat styles according to different occasions, at least there will be distinguished on the season.

And now has entered the heat wave of the summer, all year round than baseball cap (bent-brimmed hat), more leaves in the hot summer months suggest that you choose


Wide hat


That is hat, hat, hat so that more big top, rounded cap section.

First, not just a role model.

Compared to more conventional baseball cap, a shade better of it, can help sunscreens do not want to spend more effort on man, can carry out effective sun damage for some distance at a time.

It is natural broad scalp will not bring us more sultry burden, to ensure the circulation of air ventilation.

“Ideal” style state needs to be “practical” and “modeling” correct.

And wide cap bring practical protection while larger, more wide it also allows relatively simple summer style men more aggressive, such as T-shirts, monotony, to help achieve a higher level of modeling.

It’s just wide in the shape of additional cap on the basis of a unified stylistic effect only.


Under this, different wide hat hat of their specific style of performance is also quite different, to meet different aesthetic styles, wearing habits of male modeling demand in the summer.


Such as vitality fisherman cap, hat texture, as well as pastoral style hat.

Also, when we open the brand’s show LookBook, it is also very easy to find a clear trend,


Today man’s hat is getting a wide

CMMN SWDN 2021 spring and summer series

Hat / Ben Nepalese cap


In the wide hat, the most common is the hat, like a baseball cap has become a classic.

But to ask these years, someone’s “hat” hottest, Prada doing my part.

Since the beginning of 2018 autumn and winter series release, the star of countless bloggers upper body brush Street weapon.

Prada 2018 Winter Series


This top-hat Re-Nylon nylon fabrics produced iconic brand, and the added metal enamel triangle Prada logo.

Prada is a fashion street in recent years combined with industry representatives style luxury single product, good to meet people looking for immediate recognition of belonging and fashion needs.

In fact,

Prada hat on a hat is more biased in favor of a bucket hat, rather than the traditional hat

It is not too wide, short eaves, but deepened the crown that looks like a bucket shape.

Therefore, it is not suitable for large face of the people, you might widen the whole head type, neck, shoulder the heavy feeling.

But if your face is suitable, you can manage, it is also easy to wear clothing with color.


Shorts with a white shirt, nylon textured hat it is easy to form an effective echo and white shirt, neat but not boring, let’s street sense of luxury Dayton was no doubt.

If the face is large, then, regardless of a square face or a round face is good, we must choose a large brimmed hat fisherman.

The larger the more wider visor can significantly small face

, Although the simple truth, but useful. This is also the place than the wide cap baseball cap advantage of.


Different face of small partners can choose according to their actual length brim.

In summer style, it recommended especially like to spend shirt men can try hat.

Put on the “Wet round” of the hat, you can make a warm shirt printing becomes complicated combination of modeling in many young and lively, enthusiastic reduced visual impact, not easy to wear greasy, printing can be refreshing.


In addition to hat, there is a similar cap funds borrowed by the Urban Outdoor boom of recent years also fire up.

It is the “Boonie Hat”, we like to be called

Ben Nepalese cap

➀ Boonie Hat, also called Jungle Hat (jungle cap), in fact, is a meaning

Ben Nepalese army cap from the early 20th century, most countries are still serving in the army in jungle combat uniforms.

It also shows that Ben Nepalese cap property protection is strong, lightweight, breathable, very suitable to wear in hot and humid environments.

So then Ben Nepalese cap also evolved to being outdoors, especially in the more common sport fishing, climbing in.

Urban Outdoor trend these years the rise, and Ben Nepalese cap has become one of the very Outdoor street style inside a single product.

Now Ben Nepalese cap, did not completely given type.

Some brands are designed to put it consistent with the hat hat, and some will interpret it takes “hats” as broad and large hat.

The same is that there are a fixed band for wear, how to choose the reality may be based on individual preferences and face.

Different from ordinary hat, Ben Nepalese cap fabric to a lot of functions, more waterproof sunscreen.

But it is clear that, since the properties of the fabric dictates, Ben Nepal cap tough light texture, texture unlike other wide brimmed hat is so full, perception multiple folds.

It also caused a lot of people do not favor Ben Nepalese cap.

However, if you are serious style Urban Outdoor enthusiasts, or to travel in the summer, then you may wish to wear one, not only the actual protective effect, but also make your summer style attributes even more strongly.



Hat nothing to do with the trend, it is more associated with men’s classic gentleman.

The majority of the material-based wool hat, whether it is with a man’s summer farewell of it?

The answer is not always the case.

Although no matter from which point of view, can not be like wool material hat fisherman hat, light as Ben Nepalese cap thoroughly.


But it’s the texture of the strongest, especially large models of Fedora, more stiff, so it’s styling and most obvious momentum.

You just use it to match the most simple T-shirt, shorts can be enough with style, make the most simple summer style has also been a prominent sense of presence, to be miraculous is not excessive, even Needless to say the shirt.


From another, such a match, but also weaken the seriousness with decent traditional hat, it is dynamic and fashionable street wear clothing leisure.


And do not forget, in every season LookBook Wacko Maria can be seen in Cuba brand models wearing collar / Hawaiian shirt, hat wearing sunglasses pulled pulled look.

It is also very worth learning skills.

Cuba collar and hat, printing is easy to be showing a retro style, then a wearing sunglasses, most people did not dare touch you.

You can also like the British model Richard Biedul so refreshing point.


Let hat and short-sleeved pants still showed the same color, the summer is to build and strengthen the impression of one of the minimalist technique, join the same color hat, so simple and consistent style combination is more full level.

straw hat


Speaking straw hat, everyone will think of first impression Panama hat.

But a closer look can be found, the country’s people wear it, not much, biased Panama hat hat hat, and straw-textured, more easily out of tune with the surrounding environment, which is one of the reasons.

Of course, the leaves are not to belittle the Panama hat, but not to say that the character wearing it more elegant.



If we can put a texture completely different hats, more than proper control in daily life too, will be able to bring their own more diverse style fun

Compared slightly old-fashioned “Panama hat”, straw hat, the foliage is more recommended




This style.

Boater from the late 19th century “boating hat”, also has a significant outdoor feel, but not the kind of performance Outdoor Ben Nepalese cap protective sense, but to promote peaceful lightweight comfortable leisure.

Its crown flat, straight brim, overall give people the feeling is very well-behaved, style is not heavy.

This also indicates that Boater can be fully integrated into our daily being, and will not abrupt.

In the style of wearing Boater example, the absolute wooden base to see the history of Japan.

This straw hat has become his standard summer style, often with a strong sense of drape with a print shirt, highlighting the retro feel, but also have a comfortable cozy and elegant taste, young and lively effect.

In addition to the traditional style, these changes are in straw hat conform to the trend.


The most obvious point, since the 2020 spring and summer series began Virgil Abloh join LV, they formed a

“Ben Nepalese hat”


Trend, crown deeper and deeper, wider and wider brim, giving a protection to strengthen the impression, fashion sense outdoor obvious.

LV 2020 spring and summer series

To the 2021 spring and summer, in the emerging fashion brands CMMN SWDN, the wide straw hat with a gorgeous round brilliant cut clothing color co-echo, painted a shuttle between the natural, comfortable and enjoy the beautiful picture of life of men.


Explained, is not just a woman’s hat style, it can also represent a man’s freedom and fashionable.

There are hats, straw hat, the hat on the larger and wider.

Despite a slight exaggeration unexpected, but it can also be combined with your funky street style, under the retro trend and intertwined, burst out unique sense of outdoor adventure to.

Trends and classic, function and style, men’s style boundaries of continuous integration, you can get a glimpse of a gentleman in a top width cap.

As I said above, the ideal style wise men, who will be honored as much as possible the different needs, and multi-like effect.


Get rid of summer-style “monotonous”, perhaps just a cap top width can be realized.

This summer, a wide hat which is your favorite?







CMMN SWDN 2021 spring and summer series