Now, lovely cat has been inextricably linked with human life,

There are also a growing number of cats embarked on a job in the cattery, cat coffee, cat Buddhist temple, bath house cats like the place to find a legitimate job.

In Ukraine, there is such a

taxi driver


, Oleksandr Zigulya.

Like most people now online, he is also a cat person.

In recent years, as


, Zigulya uphold the dry line love line characteristics, the passengers have been trying to create a ‘home from home’ feeling.

He deliberately summed up what

“If you want to create a warm and cozy feeling, it would need a blanket, a cat and a cup of tea.”

The results did not expect, not long before he needs to have reached ……


Just two years ago, he went to a repair time,

He suddenly found next to the garage, there is a cat Clementine idle.

Probably because they live in the garage around the kitten as if they are not afraid of these steel monsters.

It demeanor easily hopped in, then naturally lie down in the car, it depends on the Zigulya.

“My brother, a ride.”

After seeing this scene, Zigulya is in any case not have the heart to get out of the kitten,

So he naturally adopted it, give it named called “tea” (Tea).

The results Zigulya found that tea is simply unlike other kitten, it seems that is not afraid of driving cars,

Even when the vehicle speed is slow, it will also be drilled out of the window, in a big walk around in the hood,

And then slowly back to the car, climbed up on people’s legs.

As like a blanket.

This is just great, blankets, cat, tea, click on all here ……


Ever since, Zigulya on the initiation, with tea to pick up the idea of ​​making money.

(For those who are allergic to cats, Zigulya prepared antihistamines)

Unexpectedly, tea is also especially to the face, it seems completely not afraid of unfamiliar passengers,

Whenever there is even a new passenger car, it will take the initiative went closer, coming along with people, then pour in the arms of others.

Cats do not have a little dignity.


But more so, the more people especially fond of the little cat,

Then slowly, tea and cats for rent so break a piece of the name.

Local cat lovers want to take a rental car special cat.

Zigulya said that since kept a tea, before very ordinary taxi business, it becomes particularly hot up.

The end of a day on average had 20 singles.

Even someone special taxi service to his appointment, is to a pro-scented tea.


This is not an ordinary small wild cat, which is only Lucky Cat ah ……

Meng also sell against this sticky ability, but also to their tea pocketed canned cat.


And with the tea growing fire, Zigulya gave it opened ins, to help it become a sort of a small network of local red.


Zigulya will be updated from time to time on a variety of dynamic tea ins.

Sometimes it took tea to see her brother.


Sometimes the car to talk to other uncle say hello.


Sometimes tea go Caicai luxury cars, had a too dry addiction.

(Zigulya stopped, I did not stop)


Hot days also went shaved, changed the shape change.

After shaving hair had forced naked finished an interview, so that the cat is very shy.


Of course, the car occasionally up some of the guests is not so flattering.


Tea on the choice autistic.


But overall, it really is a meow happy life!


Also say one more thing, although the article was tea with the taxi ride, but still very


Let the cat while driving in the car of random events.


Because the cat is likely to be out of control because of shock, resulting in car accidents.

They still remind you, take a look at the article on the Internet, suck like a cat, his own at home can do without imitate ah.



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