Zhongxin Net Jinan September 18 (Hao Xuejuan) from Fang Zhenggang Tumber to an arcful ship, from the elongated pen chopsticks to the delicate and meticulous boat … In the hands of the Shandong Xintai Machinery workers, one piece The stained wood has been designed and polished, and it has become an ancient wooden boat sailing.

On September 18, in the Cui Xinjun, he was placed in front of the TV in the early days of the beginning of this year. Hao Xuejuan photo

95 cm hull, double-layer pavilion, more than forty fan active doors and windows … The reporter saw in Cui Xinjun on the 18th that he made a good Qing Dynasty crafts in the beginning of this year before the TV, the table There is also a variety of rocking boats. Cui Xinjun is making a rudder for the ready-to-interview.

The picture shows the Qing Dynasty painted in Cui Xinjun. Hao Xuejuan photo

山东机械工人化“腐朽”为神奇 千余个零件重建清代画舫

Cui Xinjun told reporters that he had a strong interest in his handicrafts from a young, and there were also a few months of work in high school. In 2016, he saw the ship model when he went to the southern city for business trips, and the hobbies of young time were thrown, and the information was started, purchased materials, and made a wooden boat.

山东机械工人化“腐朽”为神奇 千余个零件重建清代画舫

The picture shows Cui Xinjun to make a rudder. Hao Xuejuan photo

Check the information, draw components, open grinding, plastic assembly … The production process of the wooden ship is very cumbersome. Big to the deck hull, small to the window, the rudder, is the Cui Xin military use of the logs. Cui Xinjun consumes 95 cm long, 15 cm wide, 35 cm wide, 35 cm high, the hull is divided into two floors, more than 40 fan and windows, the whole use of traditional 榫 framework technology, and more than 1,500 parts are used. Highly simulated, quite shock.

The picture shows that Cui Xinjun is making a rudder for the upcoming Wosun sailboat. Hao Xuejuan photo

Cui Xinjun said that it is not easy to crack in the production of Chen Yunxiao. And combined with the design elements of ancient gardens, pavilions, flying horns, exquisite and exquisite.

The picture shows the Cui Xinjun displayed on the active door and window. Hao Xuejuan photo

山东机械工人化“腐朽”为神奇 千余个零件重建清代画舫

Cui Xinjun is currently an ordinary worker in Shandong Energy Reissue Machinery Group, although it loves woodworking ship, but only has time to engrave on weekends. He told reporters that he had to retire for a few years, and it will take advantage of free time, and have a better crafts. “Next, I plan to do Zhenghe’s ship model, more challenging.” (End)

Source: China News Net