The weather is getting warmer it, say what clothes

Spring wear the most appropriate

My answer must be flowing skirt ~

Especially looked at the weather forecast next week,

The average temperature 20+

, I do not control me to send a few,

Want to buy a small skirt




A few days ago recommended skirt dew milk have sisters like it?


Lu milk skirt


“The fact is a chest to open a big hole, there is a large area of ​​exposed skin between the skirt and ride within.

It is particularly

Good for the body

Sister, will make you put on highlighting the advantages, but also pure You Yu, sultry in the invisible!


But this kind of thing small skirt, slightly conservative for the sisters, that was a little

too exaggerated


. In particular, the figure is not a lot of self-confidence, but afraid to reveal!

Probably is the legendary

Good-looking but not wear series

So today I’ll give you three more prepared daily but equally nice little dress, a look there you like it ~

Spring Well, of course we wanted most

Fresh and romantic


Flower elements


Put themselves friends ~


Upon my honor I say, my closet is basically a single product spring and summer floral contracted ha ha ha!


Floral ten lovers

, Floral skirt naturally can not miss. Light-colored floral dress very engaging, which are high retention rates of girls style regardless.


If you feel floral embellishment too cluttered, you can


Which take a white T-shirt

, Allowing the overall look clean, many simple.

However, although the good-looking floral dress, but

Roll scene

There are many, the slightest mistake will become Cuihua entrance to the village!


Anyway, remember, do

Do not choose too dense dark background with floral


, Which is terrible, it gives people a very tacky feel.


In the fashion industry


Check that element is, of course, Plaid skirt will never become obsolete.

In recent years, ultra fire


bm wind

But also the checkered elements to the extreme, a variety of color whine too, sweet and spicy, and made me want to have one for each shai Hey!

There JK girls favorite Plaid pleated skirt, with a simple white shirt, full of teenage sensation will overflow coming ~

In addition to skirts, plaid dress more

Gentle atmosphere


Some. Ankle-length skirt can cover small fleshy legs, giant was thin.

Plaid skirt seems nothing sounds quite satisfactory fashion sense, but as long as there Puff and added lace, became an instant


Retro and elegant

Skirts for little girls more friendly and you, like chest bow blindly



Plus effort blessing hair accessories, sweet girl properly properly.


I do not know mud eruption there is no evidence seems to indicate that there is a single product

How to wear wear not tired

, That is jeans!

In particular, denim skirt more


Spring and summer of standard

Not only invincible youth, also comes with a sense of valiant cool.

Itself a little stiff denim material,

Slim cover meat

The strength of the giant strong, thin has become very easy ~

With them is also very simple, knit vest shirt Ensemble then take a pair of sports shoes,

Stylish degree upupup

Short paragraph full of vitality, it adds a touch long section

Elegant feminine


. Skirt cut knife, but also a good outline of the body curve.

Denim strap dress vitality and by age, comes

Sense of love


I really like it too ~

Like the casual style of dress shirt sisters do not miss!

Simple shirt to wear body, there is a

Stealing her boyfriend to wear a shirt

The feeling lazy, free unlock a few grains of buttons, sultry and sexy.

My favorite is the shirt collar, and comes


V-neck giant face significantly small


, We face big sister paper of the Gospel!

I do not know how to pick then choose a white dress shirt, people still hardly pick


Variety style

, Commuting can be lazy, how to wear will not go wrong ~

Lace dress shirt designed to avoid too casual, but also to

Highlight waistline

, Significantly thin legs.

Dress shirt and vest can be considered a classic match, but also to increase the layering layering outfit. Quietly say, vest Slim models are also

Emphasize the waist

Oh, giant significant leg length!