Every year, Apple will provide exclusive education concessions for the education market. Like the year, education is as scheduled. As the main army in education, IPAD is important for the majority of students and teachers, how to buy iPad has become a big problem. Today we analyze one by one for all IPAD models this year. Which iPad is seen? suits you.

Which iPad is selected?

iPad 2018

This year’s 2018 iPad may be the highest in all iPads, the most recommended one, 2018 iPad is equipped with a 9.7-inch retina on the screen, although this year’s non-full-fitting screen makes 2018 IPAD Each year, especially the angel of the previous generation, but the A10 Fusion chip bounce and support Apple Pencil makes it a cost-effective king.

From the actual experience, the non-full-fitted screen is actually impact on the actual effect. More is that consumers’ psychological psychology, after all, the combined craft is not as good as the previous generation. If you are a high-end iPad user, you will definitely feel this gap, but for most users who have iPad, this is really not a problem. But A10 Fusion is really improving the daily experience, and A10 Fusion can cope with most of the games on the market, the glory of the king is not in the words.

Apple choosed to save costs on the screen, replenish it on the processor, I think it is the most sensible choice. In the storage capacity, the 2018 iPad provides 32GB and 128GB storage, all of which are old routines. For most students and teachers, 2018 IPAD is enough. The price of WiFi version after this year’s education is 2367 yuan and 3160 yuan, and the 128GB WiFi version is recommended.

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

iPad Pro

This year, only the iPad has only the PRO series to participate in the headset activity, so the purchase competitiveness of iPad Pro has risen. As a productivity tool, IPAD PRO chose Apple’s top, whether it is 120 Hz refresh rate supports the original color display. The A10X Fusion chip is given to you. You can Enjoy the top top of tablet experience. It is naturally necessary to say that A10X Fusion is air in the tablet market.

But today I want to say that this 120Hz refresh rate screen, because people who have seen it will not be folded by it. This is a “silky” feel that when you cooperate with Apple Pencil, you can feel the speed of the A10X Fusion brings you, but also feel that the screen is fast over your reaction time. Incredible. At the same time, this high-refresh rate is a good choice for Apple Pencil, which is a good choice for many art majors, and of course, IPAD Pro is almost your own choice for some professional software. .

The iPad Pro provides 10.5 and 12.9 on the screen, except for size, these two iPads do not have any difference, the iPad Pro provides 64/256 / 512GB storage, you can choose from your own needs.

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

iPad mini 4

In fact, iPad mini 4 is not worth recommending, the price of 128GB version and 2018 IPAD 128GB version are much different. However, as a small size IPAD, the 7.9-inch sized retina is beautiful and comfortable than most Android tablets on the market. The thickness of 6.1 mm also allows iPad mini 4 to become the most thin and smaller tablet in all iPads, which may concentrate a lot of people’s hearts. A8 chip can cope with daily small games, as for a lightweight audio and video, but if you want to play the mainstream king glory or eat chicken games, you may not be a bit.

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

In fact, I think the best use scene in the iPad is to comfort the news on the bed, brush the shake, even if the 7.9-inch IPAD is also very inconvenient, and go home is lying in bed, at this time, portability, consumption The demand for electricity will drop sharply, and the requirements for screen requirements are improved. At this time, the tablet has become more than 10,000 times better than the phone. iPad mini 4 only provides 128GB volume versions, which is simply a gospel of a difficulty. At present, IPAD MINI 4 after education is only 3121 yuan, which is indeed a good choice for users who like small sizes. Of course, the premise is that you have little to game demand.

Which volume is selected?

In daily use, for everyday users 32GB basically enough, if you are a game user or an audio user, it is best to start at 64GB. Because now, the game and HD video will occupy several gs space, especially if the game cache generated after a long time is absolutely stretched. As for 128GB and 256GB to look at personal needs, it is recommended to choose the highest capacity you can withstand, you will never regret it.

Is WiFi or WiFi + cellular data version?

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

It is recommended to choose a WiFi version. At the same time, only WiFi version is more than 1,000 yuan in price than WiFi + cellular data, this money is apparent to the upgrade capacity.

Which color is selected?

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

Each iPad provides the most basic silver, deep air gray and gold, which is also the most classic three colors, and it is not greasy (excluding golden). Apple also provided a rose gold in the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. This color version of Apple’s color is still very beautiful. You have the opportunity to go to the physical store. You should be able to touch a lot of female users.

Do you want to buy Apple Pencil?

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

Direct conclusion, it is recommended that students from professionals and teachers buy Apple Pencil, especially if they want to buy iPad Pro’s users, because it really enhances your efficiency. Due to the problem of screen fitting technology, 2018 is not recommended to purchase. Apple Pencil This year, the price will be 662 yuan. It should be noted that Apple Pencil does not support iPad mini 4.

Education discount price reduction summary

iPad 2018 (do not send headphones):

Price-priced WiFi version 32GB 2565 yuan 128GB 3359 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version 32GB 2367 yuan 128GB 3160 yuan

Price-priced WiFi version + honeycomb data 32GB 3557 yuan 128GB 4350 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version + honeycomb data 32GB 3359 yuan 128GB 4152 yuan

iPad Pro 10.5 (send headset):

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

Price before price reduction, WiFi version 64GB 5143 yuan 256GB 6333 yuan 512GB 7919 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version 64GB 5004 yuan 256GB 6194 yuan 512GB 7780 yuan

2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

Pre-price reduction WiFi version + honeycomb data 64GB 6234 yuan 256GB 7424 yuan 512GB 9010 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version + honeycomb data 64GB 6095 yuan 256GB 7285 yuan 512GB 8871 yuan

iPad Pro 12.9 (send headset):

Price-price before wifi version 64GB 6333 yuan 256GB 7523 yuan 512GB 9109 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version 64GB 6194 yuan 256GB 7384 yuan 512GB 8970 yuan

Price before price cut, WiFi version + honeycomb data 64GB 7424 yuan 256GB 8613 yuan 512GB 10200 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version + honeycomb data 64GB 7285 yuan 256GB 8474 yuan 512GB 10061 yuan

iPad mini 4 (do not send headphones):

Price-priced WiFi version 128GB 3259 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version 128GB 3121 yuan

Price-cutting before wifi version + honeycomb data 128GB 4350 yuan

After price cut, WiFi version + honeycomb data 128GB 4211 yuan

In addition to routine price cuts, purchase iPad pro series can also give a free value of 1475 yuan PowerBeats3 Wireless in-ear headphones or worth 1177 yuan Beatsx wireless in-ear headphones, or choose to increase the price of 793 yuan to get a $ 2268 beats solo3 Wireless Headphones .

This year, Wei Fengwang Joint Apple launched the most sincere education concessions in history. Now just come to Wefeng order, not only enjoy the official educational offer of Apple, you can also get a lot of big gift packages, come to Wiki.

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2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

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2018苹果教育优惠 iPad选购指南

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