Today’s floor is getting more and higher, let us pay more and more attention to the protection of home improvement doors and windows.


Peng Ge has introduced a children’s protective device such as King Kong, Xiao Guiji, etc., but did not talk in detail this “artifact”.


Online “Door and Window Limiter” can choose a lot, how do their respective practices? What have you have any advantages and disadvantages?

In this issue, in a treasure, I bought the most common type of limiter style according to the sales, and said.


01 simple understanding of the door and window limiter

The role of the door and window limiter, simple summary is to limit the opening and closing of the doors and windows, or the angle to prevent the hidden dangers, unexpected.

On a generner, it is suitable for smoothing the door and window (inward).

First, this chain limiter below is definitely the king who is “love” in the open window limiter (casually, the sales score of the last four digits is overwhelming).

Suitable for internal and external windows, the main material is stainless steel (also equipped with rubber sleeve and plastic), there are two types of adhesive and punching, and the lock is locked by the lock. Will shake.

Second, it is the lock limiter and window limiting buckle, and the screw is fixed. Some products are suitable for external, external open, and some can only be used to open, and the fastening of the buckle will be limited. “Invisible” in the window frame fan:


Finally, there is such a limiter that can be adjusted in multiple segments, suitable for external, internal window, most convenient to adjust the limit angle at any time by the snap-in:

The limiter of the push-pull doors and windows generally only has the following type, is installed on the track or window fans through the card slot or fastener, forcibly let Meng Bai can’t open, then the parents can adjust the size of the fan according to their own needs:


△ Tighten the fixed use of fixed use

This limiter is only different styles, and the working principle is consistent with the above.

02 actual use experience

Let’s talk about a few product experiences, the chain / rope limiter uses the most useful two points, one is to determine whether the window fan is limited by the key, and the second is because the stainless steel rope “pull the limit”. The choice of “Choosing the Maximum Turn on Angle” is even bigger.


The installation of the lack of beauty is in the window frame.


The maximum feature of the card bitmap is to hide between the window frame and the fan, and it does not affect the overall value of the doors and windows. You can also use the inner hexagonal screws, etc., you can determine “Do not limit”.

However, this type of label limiter requires the slot of the installation window, and the box fan gap is required, and the bottom screw installation is large.

The multi-end limiter uses nylon material, the biggest feature is to adjust the limit angle.

However, it was found in use, this limiter is a bit “unwind to see”, and the raised position is too large. Although each card slot has a high-end nylon line anti-off, it is not insurance.

Finally, the sliding window with the lock limiter, the small series did not actually do it before, but he did not think it was best to use.


Easy to install, the lock adjustment is convenient and safe, the firmness is also high, the only shortcomings are only to pay attention to whether the gap between the home push window can be installed (small bidding aluminum strips will hit the window fan, resulting in only only It can be fixed to the glass in a paste), and the color is slightly pronounced.

03 purchase suggestion


After five limiter practical exercises and previous experience, Peng Ge summed up some suggestions “delivery” to everyone:

(1) The most critical point, try not to choose the adhesive (viscose)-based limiter, the limiter is buying a “smaller chance accident” insurance, and the back rubber is far less reliable.


(2) Personally recommend the following three types, mainly because of its own requirements at any time. Out-of-window fan conditions are allowed, the intermediate beautiful and practical combination is best.

(3) About the installation position, the chain limiter can be installed on the top of the window fan, and the hidden god beast does not impose, and the value is small.

(4) When the child is small, the chain is turned to install, so that the window fans open the angle, the other limiter is the same, if the closet is the more, theoretically open angle smaller point.

(5) or the label limiter, pay attention not to block the drain hole when installing.

(6) If it is a punching, pay attention to the opening position not to play / exceed the “glass pressure line”, which is not strong and may hit the glass.


04 safety education first


Protecting such products, Peng Ge always feels that it is used as “unpredictable”, “insurance” is more appropriate, because all protective devices are not very unlucky, many situations still have unexpected possible possible.


It is also because the accidental external force in Xiaoyu has never been a tool, only inherent safety education, and the awareness is fundamentally.

Only in the process of daily education, help Xiaozi build a dangerous concept, strengthen the safety awareness of small-scale children, and correctly correct it for their wrong behavior. If you learn to build a high level, you can open the window, open the door alone, soak water, touch the power, etc. is a very dangerous thing. Every every parents do these things must be patient and teach children; found that Xiaoyu is forgotten to do dangerous things, It is necessary to stop repeated explanation.

Such tool + double protection can minimize the risk factor.