Youth invincible, youth is so beautiful, yes, the youth era is a person in the most beautiful era, the beauty of youth, can not be copied! The little sister is knitted the short-sleeved shirt, the pure white skirt, interprets the real youth beauty [rose] [rose] [rose]

But purple pink knitted short-sleeved shirt, refreshing cool and comfortable, no loss, pure, cardamom two eight age, very suitable for this pink color dress, on the one hand, this purple pink is more cute, and it can also reflect youth. The beauty of the energetic!

This beauty, there is a feeling of fear, more pure beauty! The lace is embellished, while the elephant is at the same time, it is not a playful style!


And pure white short skirts, like a white fairy that has not been decorated, such as elegant beauty!


White is always unproduced in terms of monitoring, especially pure white tones and this double-bottomed skirt, on the one hand, it is white and white! A pair of repairing long legs more attractive!

The second is the design of the double-layer skirt, more leveling and lining, making the little sister’s body more tight and charming!

Do you like this little sister?

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