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Jeans, vest straps, loose hair and casual look, a style of street youth models captured by Tiffany Tiffany commercials. “Cool (Cool)” has become the main theme of the July American fine jewelry brand marketing activities.

“Tiffany (Not Your Mother’s Tiffany) is not your mother,” the theme slogan series of marketing activities is intended to promote its price from $ 500 to $ 2600 Silver Series. Around this theme, the series of ads also play some provocative slogans, such as “If you ever dare we say it once and silver outdated”, “Maybe it’s cool in the past? Maybe your mom cooler than you.” Etc. Wait.


Obviously, Tiffany wanted to get rid of outdated and old-fashioned for the brand challenged by this series of slightly aggressive advertising, even closer to young consumers. With Millennials and Generation Z has become the backbone of society, to curry favor with young consumers have become the mainstream of luxury brands consensus.

However, this “is not your mother’s Tiffany” This advertising slogan with a rebellious but social media has created quite a controversy. Although Tiffany wants to boldly refute the classic brand products obsolete voices of doubt, and to arouse young people’s sympathy, but some consumers but because the advertising slogan alluding to “the older mother” and was offended.

A netizen commented at Tiffany commercials:. “The key is not a classic brand of product is that it can belong to your mother and your grandmother, your daughter will also be part of it should be eternal..”

There are friends, he said: “As a mother and older women, I think you’re saying you do not need my client a.”

For a long time, engagement rings and silver are classic Tiffany’s core products, will locate Tiffany has become the consumer’s “life companion.” And marketing, “Tiffany Blue” and the 1961 film starring Audrey Hepburn, “Tiffany’s Breakfast” brand has become a core element of the external output of content, deepen the “timeless classic” brand image.

However, with Tiffany bag by LVMH luxury goods group, these traditions are breaking down one by one.


In early 2021 the French LVMH Group officially completed the acquisition of Tiffany’s. After the acquisition, LVMH Group launched the reform of Tiffany immediately, including new management to airborne Tiffany headquarters in New York.

From this year, Tiffany released the information to the outside world view, brand image younger and high-end product line is focused on two major reform of the brand.

Shortly after the completion of the acquisition, according to Reuters, LVMH plans to reform Tiffany comprehensive product lineup, the brand will focus on gold and precious stones and other rare materials high-end jewelry products, to ensure that more high-end jewelry in silver jewelry as an entry-level products at the same time Brand Positioning.

LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault of Tiffany headquarters staff said in a video in which he wants to elevate the status of Tiffany, “We will Tiffany’s long-term needs rather than short-term limitations in the first place.” According to insiders news, LVMH is also considering expanding the high-end Tiffany jewelry and watch product line.

And high-end product line of simmering difference is that, in the Tiffany brand image of innovation has taken a series of bold initiatives decisive and determined preferences of young people trends and social issues closer.

April 2021, a series of appointments Tiffany popular South Korean women’s team Blackpink women’s team members Rose and Chinese star Yi Xi smelt one thousand as global brand ambassador. Then, in June Tiffany announced a three global brand ambassador, were American actress Anya Taylor-Joy, Tracee Ellis Ross, as well as Chinese skiers love Eileen Gu Gu Ling.


Since then, the global brand ambassador on behalf of Tiffany’s star team is moving in the direction of diversification and rejuvenation. At the same time, the importance of the Asian market further highlights.


In addition, in order to fit the global increase in same-sex marriage and neutral fashion trends, April Tiffany also launched the first male engagement ring product line. Tiffany said the introduction of the male engagement ring series is to provide love and support inclusive product.

In May, Tiffany opened a temporary flash yellow diamond theme shop in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills store. In line with the theme, this store abandoned the classic “Tiffany Blue” to bright yellow tones have been re-decorated, and the first use of the Tiffany bright yellow shopping bags and boxes.

It is worth noting that it all started on April Fool Tiffany a joke. April 1, 2021, Tiffany has been published in the official Instagram account a picture of a yellow Tiffany box, and with the text implied classic “Tiffany Blue” may be replaced by yellow.

LVMH recently released half earnings report emphasized that Tiffany has been successfully integrated into the Group ‘, and since the completion of the acquisition of the brand has performed very well.

As can be seen, LVMH high hopes for Tiffany. However, while maintaining a good relationship with the consumer’s inherent brand new look for a hundred years is not an easy thing. Tiffany had to grasp the sense of proportion of them.