Common operating misunderstandings of riders: air filter element

air filter,

This seemingly conventional component,

But it is especially important for the engine.

This article with Aggie to understand,

Those things about the use of air filters~

The role of the air filter

In the case, the engine needs to suck in a large amount of air to support combustion during the working process, and the air filter element, as an important guarantee for the engine air intake system, can effectively reduce the dust suspended in the air and reduce the additional wear caused by impurities inhaled into the engine.

Generally, depending on the raw materials used, the service life of the air filter element will also vary, but over time, impurities in the air may clog the filter element, and it is especially important to check the air filter element regularly.

Misunderstanding of air filter replacement

Replacement without quality

Due to the simple structure of the air filter element, some car owners may choose low-cost filter elements, and often the filtration capacity of these filter elements will be greatly reduced. In response to the above problems, it is recommended to go to the authorized service station of Geely Auto for testing and replace the original spare parts under the advice of professionals.

Remove or clean the air filter by yourself

The air filter element should not be removed at will and cleaned by itself. Removing the air filter element at will will make the engine directly suck in unfiltered air; Cleaning the air filter element by yourself may damage the fiber surface of the filter element. Both of the above conditions will lead to a significant decrease in the filtration capacity of the air filter element, resulting in abnormal wear and tear of the engine.

Maintenance and replacement are not realistic

In addition to strictly following the “Warranty Maintenance Manual” to limit the replacement of the air filter element, it is also necessary to test and replace according to the actual driving situation. If you often drive in an environment with a lot of dust content, the maintenance or replacement cycle of the air filter element should be appropriately shortened.

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