How to choose a wet electric dust removal insulating box

Wet electricity dust collector is a new dust removal equipment containing trace dust and microne particles. It is mainly used to remove harmful substances such as dust, acid mist, water droplets, air -soluble gels, odor, PM2.5 and other harmful substances in wet gases. It is an ideal device for governing atmospheric dust pollution. Today, let’s explain how to choose the wet electric dust removal insulation box.

Wet electrical dust removal insulation box

The wet electrical dust collector is mainly composed of import and export campaign, dust collector housing, diversion, rectification grille, anode dust plate cathode line, insulation box, flushing water system, power supply and control system. The wet electrical dust collector is to create a high -voltage electrostatic field through the power supply in the device. The electrostatic effect of the flue gas is used through the electrostatic effect of the yin and theode, and the charge of the dust capture dust is released in the anode. Wet -type dust collector generally has a high -voltage power supply at the top of the device, and the current through the insulation box to the inside of the device through the insulating box. Because directly connect to the device.

Wet electricity dust removal insuffing box adopts ceramic sleeve, which is resistant to high voltage. The device is safe and reliable. It is not easy to make the insulation box ash to ensure that the equipment is safe. The limitation of the ceramic sleeve base of the theater is tightly fixed, the structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance is easy to overheat. The main role of wet electrical dust removal insulation box is to separate the shell, cathode system, and anode system to ensure the insulation of the high -voltage DC of the shell. Each wet electrical dust collector is equipped with 2-4 insulated boxes. The high-voltage power supply is maintained through insulation bottle and shell. The heating device of the wet electrical dust removal inspection box uses an electric heater and is installed on the left and the right inner wall.

Most of the insulation boxes of the wet electric dust collector use the insulation type of hot air blowing. The original insulation box must use a sealing hot air, and the source of the hot air is responsible for blowing the aircraft by a typhoon, and then another box heater is responsible for heating and sealing. The power of the fan itself is relatively large, and the heater will consume a lot of electricity at 70 ° C to 80 ° C, which will cause great energy waste. Wet electricity dust collectors are widely used in industrial fields such as fuel boiler plants and thermal power plants. The wet electrical dust collector can remove the particles and dust in the boiler’s flue gas, thereby greatly reducing the amount of smoke discharged into the atmosphere to meet the national emissions standards.

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