Although heating eye masks do not necessarily go to dark circles, happiness will not disappear! Is it right?

I am Dr. Xu Bai. Deeply grinding ingredients, rigorous beauty, paying attention to me, treating skin care in a scientific attitude, making yourself beautiful in a rational way.


With the popularity of beauty small appliances, many people have tried the electric eye mask. Many people buy heating eye masks, and they can only start with the dark circles.

In addition to electric eye masks, there are disposable steam eye masks. Both principles are not complicated, and the electric eye masks that can be used repeatedly can be charged through the USB interface. Disposable steam eye masks can release a large amount of steam through the internal iron powder with air contact with air. Bleak

I personally prefer steam eye masks, because the name sounds more punk. After all, at high temperature weather at 37 ° C, you have to stay up late with a smoky hot eye mask at home. This health behavior itself is also very punk.

There is no industry standard for heating eye masks, and the quality of quality is uneven

There are too many brands that are heating eye masks. There are well -known big -name Netease strict selection, Yunnan Baiyao, good vision, Antarctic people, Ma Yinglong, Huayang, shiny … various other micro -business brands are countless.

but! Although this kind of iron powder heating technology is actually available in ancient times, the product of heating eye mask does not have a clear industry standard, such as whether the temperature of the eye, whether the heating speed is uniform, the reasonable heating time, the recommended water steam volume of the recommended water steam, the recommended water steam volume Em

As a result, the heating eye masks of each brand are very different. Some steam eye masks may feel that the steam is not punk enough to add essential oils, spices and Chinese medicine. It is like punk, steam punk and Cyberpunk for several centuries. Bleak

Without industry standards, it will naturally cause some consequences

In the 19th year, the Xiangzhou Women’s Federation published an article about the harm of heating eye masks

“Wake up with electric eye masks to wake up and be blind! “

The 35 -year -old Ms. Li, who said, bought an electric eye mask with a medicine bag through an acquaintance. I did not expect that after a few days, her eyes were obviously tingling. After inspection, her cornea was burned. After inspection by the emergency department of Wuhan Er Eye Hospital, Ms. Li burned the corneal of the eyes, and there was dense spots on the cornea. Because of the allergies to some ingredients in the eye mask, Ms. Li also had some allergic reactions and needed to use some anti -allergic allergies. Drug treatment.

Every year, the ophthalmology department of each hospital is cured many patients who cause eye or eye skin problems due to hot eye masks. The problem of heating eye masks is not only an ophthalmology, but also in skin problems, especially those with sensitive muscles, allergic to certain spices or essential oils. There is also the problem of pigmentation that Chinese medicine may cause.

Heating eye mask and dark circles

Say back to the home, can heal the eye mask go to dark circles?


First of all, whether it is simply heating or steam+heating, it has the effect of promoting microcirculation. Poor eye microcirculation is only one of the four causes of dark circles. Bleak

The reasons for the formation of dark circles are different, roughly divided into:

1. Old, skin relaxation causes structural changes, forming a black shadow. As long as you use light in front of you, you will disappear — structured dark circles;

2. There are too many melanin. The specific reason may be that it is exposed to more, or it may be caused by skin inflammation. This dark circles are brown or blue -gray -the pigment -type dark circles;

3. The microcirculation of the eye is not smooth, which is the lack of sleep that we often say, leading to the skin edema around the eyes. This dark circles are blue -purple -venous dark circles. Dislays and so on.

4. The skin of the lower eyelid is too thin. This dark circles are pink -purple -vascular dark circles.

Heating eye masks and stable happiness

So, since this heating eye mask does not necessarily go to dark circles, why do I still use it? Intersection

Even if you have 1,000 reasons to refuse to heat the eye mask, only one you cannot refuse: heating the eye mask will make you happy. Bleak

As early as 2013, Dalian Stomatological Hospital jointly conducted an experiment with Shanyang Academy University in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and invited 61 nurses at a nursing school in Japan for control experiments.

Because previous studies have proved that people’s action evaluation is closely related to the temperature of the nose skin. For example, when ice stimulates pain, it will cause the nose skin temperature to decrease, and it can be recovered after the stimulation stops.

This experiment was to interfere with this experiment through “Eye Heating Eye Mask”. The results show that the warm effect produced by steam warm eye masks can improve the relaxation effect of closed eyes, which is helpful for emotional management.

Therefore, although the effect of heating eye masks and dark circles is a metaphysics.

But happiness does exist.


Skin allergies, hypertensive diabetes; use cautiously;

Be sure to take off the contact lenses;

Do not fall asleep because of too relaxing, beware of low temperature burns;

The current heating eye mask is just a product with a strong sense of experience and cannot replace any medicine.

I am Dr. Xu Bai. Deeply grinding ingredients, rigorous beauty, paying attention to me, treating skin care in a scientific attitude, making yourself beautiful in a rational way.

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