Create the most suitable girly bedroom for “hibernation”, relax and warm, breathe and breathe

Xiao Se’s autumn wind blows, and even the temperature in the room has dropped several degrees, and the quilt has been replaced with winter quilts. I just hope that it will not get up in the warm quilt in the warm quilt sooner or later. But where to change the quilt to winter? The bedroom must also create a beautiful and comfortable “overwhelming” atmosphere ~

In the cold season, the color of the outside world is inevitable monotonous. The use of bright colors to create an indoor into a vibrant scene can not only have a good visual effect, but also make the body and mind feel warm and vibrant from the inside out.

First of all, you can start with a comfortable bed. The concise log double bed is stable and the atmosphere is very strong. In the season of all things, the vibrant wooden bed makes your bedroom look very improved, with texture with texture, with texture texture The clear wood grain is like being in spring, and the fresh wooden fragrance allows you to sleep all night.

To sleep well, the bed only plays an auxiliary role. The most important thing is to look at the mattress. Only when the mattress is comfortable, the sleep quality can be improved. Choose a new natural organic cotton fabric mattress. It is made of no glue and high -density brown core without glue and high -density brown core. With the natural healthy spine, soft and fully massage the body. To a good health effect!

In the bedroom, the bedding has always been crucial. It is perfectly grasped by decoration and practical hands. The wonderfulness on the bed is interpreted by them. Choose a fluffy and soft quilt and four sets to keep it for your sleep. The escort is also a fresh color for the bedroom.

The winter of first -class long velvet cotton in Xinjiang is the best assist in autumn and winter. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern machinery equipment forms a warm and comfortable effect. The density is firm and fluffy. The effect of healthy and low -carbon is now the characteristic of no taste. It needs it to warm you in the coldest season.

The protagonist on the bedding is naturally four -piece set. The high -level cotton four -piece set can make the room “warm” even more. The soft material is breathable and skin -friendly. It is particularly pleasing to the eye, adding sleep texture and indoor atmosphere, and buried the whole person into the quilt to sleep until dawn, probably the happiest thing in life!

If you want to be comfortable in the bedroom, you must not have some auxiliary products. In the dry autumn and winter seasons, it is a good choice to buy a quiet humidifier to protect the skin sufficient! There is also a necessary carpet in the bedroom. It is also a good choice. It not only allows your feet to freely freeze, but also decorate the monotonous bedroom.

For people with easy skin and rhinitis, it is the most needed humidifier to help. Choose a humidifier with a variety of functions. It is practical to save money without speaking. It has the function of humidifying and purifying the air. It can also be used as a small night lamp. It is better not to say that the external texture is also loved.

The choice of carpets starts from a minimalist angle. The geometric pattern is more versatile and not obtrusive. The fresh and concise tone is very suitable for the bedroom. It is soft but not heavy all year round. Yes, it is integrated with the four -piece set of real fans, creating a sense of fashion for the bedroom.

Under the premise of the appropriate space, put a multifunctional coat rack on the corner of the bedroom, so that your autumn and winter clothing is placed. At the same time, with the help of the color of the clothing, the bedroom can also look very stylish and colorful. The atmosphere is simple and simple. I don’t tire.

I do n’t know if you love your bedroom? It will not be too naive to bring a personality with an elegance in it. The use of color tones is proper and not abrupt, and the simple and clean appearance is super suitable for modern girls!

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