Do not blow or black, analyze 4 cheap essences, Vizi repair, L’Oreal anti -aging, which one have you used

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Hi, hello everyone, I am a little, help you correct the misunderstanding of beauty, and start your beautiful journey correctly ~

Essence is also a relatively important step in skin care steps, and it is not just moisturizing and hydrating, it also has good effects for some skin.

However, so many essences on the market now will always make people look at it, and some valuable essences are not friendly to the eaten girls with empty wallets.

So today Xiaoyu is specifically

Out of the first phase of parity essence

The sisters grow grass rationally and refer to their own needs.

Then continue to go down together.

Weizi probiotic essence bottle

For many sisters with sensitive seasonal sensitivity, sour brushing, and unstable skin state, it is important to choose a repair essence in daily skin care.

And this essence is a good helper to repair and maintain stability.

The main component is

5%transparent tremor, 4%nicotamide and hyaluronic acid.

The transparent tremor is similar to the bicemine yeast, which can

Relieve skin discomfort

And 5%concentration can continue to repair the skin and stabilize the state of the skin.


Nicotamide is not just brightening and white

, High -purity nicotinamide also

Have the effect of retention

At the same time, the barrier of the skin can be tough, with hyaluronic acid, repair and moisturize.

Its texture is very good

Refreshing water,

There is no alcohol, flavor, pigment, and the skin feels thin and easy to absorb when the face is on the face, and it will also cause irritation to the skin. It is very suitable for damaged, thin skin, and reddish skin.

PS: The essence will have a faint fermentation smell,

It is not particularly good, but it can be accepted.

The skin that needs to be repaired can be used to force the barrier, and it

Cost -effective.

L’Oreal Black Essence

Black Essence has always been the king of price -performance ratio of the first anti -old realm, and the third -generation black essence has made a lot of upgrades in composition and texture.


The core ingredient is binary yeast

This ingredients can be accelerated enough to improve the red blood of the skin, while reducing the skin of the skin, keeping your skin in a stable and healthy state.

The third generation of black essence is based on the original basis

Added S.F.E fermentation essence


98%di -lobed yeast

Cooperate with each other to prevent the emergence of stagnation cells and relieve skin aging, relaxation, dull and rough. It can also make cells accelerate, supplement collagen, and make the skin more delicate and elastic.

The texture is much refreshing than the second generation

More, more

It is not easy to rub the mud problem

The skin feel has improved a lot, and other skin care products will not be heavy in the future.

And although as a essence of stability and resistance, its hydration effect is also good, and it is easy to absorb it for dry skin. It is really good as the Essence of the Elderly for the early 100 yuan.

CSS Blue Copper Essence

The color of this essence is very special, very quiet light blue, and the face value should not be too high.

Its effect is also to repair anti -aging. The main ingredient is

5%blue copper peptide

It is a kind of

Signal peptide,

It can stimulate collagen regeneration, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin aging.

Blue copper peptide is also very nice in repair, yes

Enhance skin strength

, Enhance the tightness and elasticity of the skin.

And it is also

Palm-netic-7, palmol oligthid peptide

, To alleviate the skin test, promote the metabolism of cells, and strengthen the cell structure, thereby achieving the effect of repairing and anti -wrinkle

The essence is the ice blue of nature, which looks fresh and healed.

The texture of the dew is very easy to push away. Before absorption, there will be a little sticky,

But after absorption, it is very refreshing skin, no matter which skin, you can hold it.

This essence is very

Sisters who are suitable for Ahol tolerance and need anti -aging

, But it

Can not be used with acids and strong anti -oxidation products.

Nature Hall Little Purple Bottle

Stay up late party to see.

After the upgraded little purple bottle turned into a gradient purple, the bottle body seemed to be much taller instantly. Ingredient

Newly added bicemine, nicotinamide, and Himalayan red golf algae.

were able

Fix cells, repair barriers, brighten to yellow, promote collagen regeneration

And the red ball algae of Himalayas is rich in shrimp, which has a good one

Antioxidant ability and improved the vitality of skin cells


After staying up late, the rough and dark yellow on the face, eliminating free radicals, delaying the aging of the skin.

The milky texture, the extensibility of the essence is also very good, the small half can be covered with the whole face, and it is well absorbed by the skin, and the skin feels very refreshing. and also

A faint flower fragrance

, But the fragrance of pushing it away will fade, which is a fragrance that most people can accept.


In autumn and winter, the moisturizing degree will not be enough

It is more suitable for use in autumn and winter.

It is not black, the analysis of the 4 cheap essence is here.

Which of the sisters are the heart water? What kind of affordable and easy -to -use essences you can also share in the comment area.

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