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The alarm of working Japanese baby is like …

The baby’s alarm clock on the weekend is like a drip!

In the beautiful weekend time, naturally you want to make a beautiful place to eat beautiful things. With a few girlfriends, it seems that the ADLIB of AVIC Zijin seems to have become a popular weekend to go to the weekend ~

The most conspicuous in the store is the pastry display area, as well as the essential wine of Yiqing.

In addition to the bright first and second floors, there is a small mezzanine on the left side of the stairs. The atmosphere is quiet and warm, suitable for sitting for a long time, but it is more convenient to have a contract on the second floor. Hahaha.

The lemonade you can drink at will, a faint lemon aroma + mint fragrance, a bottle of water can reflect the high value of the entire store.

Don’t think that his family can’t eat it. Before the meal, the soup [Apple Pumpkin Soup] is amazing enough. The pumpkin incense is full of smooth soup with a thick bowl of silk. Warmly drinking into the stomach, moisturizing the stomach.

[Roasted duck salad], combined with Chinese and Western, presented roast duck in the form of salad, which is very creative. The roast duck went to the outer skin, the meat was tender and tender, and it was paired with rich types of fruits and fruits and nuts.

[Bennyk egg] should be regarded as one of the most favorite dishes in Brunch this time. The impeccable water wave eggs trembled slightly on the bread when moving the plate, and the tip of the knife was slightly inserted. The egg liquid flowed out like a waterfall, super tempting! Wrapped in the Canadian bacon tablets and the melted egg liquid with noodles, the salty fragrance penetrates a little bit of yolk slightly sweet, which is very wonderful. It is also paired with sesame vegetables, fries, etc. But knock on the blackboard! You must eat this while hot! Please prepare paper towels when you eat!

[Spanish black pork neck meat and black pepper juice] It is a highlight. It is known as the pork neck meat known as the golden six. Just right, with a slightly glue texture, toughness, tenderness in the outer coke, full of meat. With black pepper hemp, it tastes delicious.

[Egg roll bag] that you drool when you see! It is more tender and smooth than Japanese -style thick eggs. It is covered with bacon and onions, mushrooms and spinach. It is worth mentioning that Pamerson Cheese is added! The double taste of cheese fragrance and egg fragrance, I want to take a second mouthful when I take a bite.

[Carbon grilled salmon], it sounds ordinary, but the ingredients are full of ingredients at the bottom of the plate. In addition to broccoli, okra, sweet corn, finger carrots and salads, there are eagle beans, edamame beans, edamame, edamame, edamame, edamame, edamame Three -color quinoa and fans! Related! fragrant! Salmon usually only loves raw food or three -point cooked, but his carbon roasted salmon will not be too hard to meat at all. The side dishes with the bottom spices have a unique flavor.

We ordered a few soda water and Sima West in the drink. Among them, the fresh beverage was first promoted [Matcha Paris Water]. The highest value award must be awarded to [Avocado Strange Fruit Simi]. Rasbberry Mousse is super!

There is also [Cold Extraordinary Champagne Tea], which is the Dahongling Black Tea, India, which is picked in summer. There is no champagne component. The entrance to Bingbing is extremely cool and refreshing.

Of course, if there is only one person who wants to eat a rich Brunch, Adlib can also satisfy you, and the [breakfast platter] one time meets your multiple needs for meat, vegetables, desserts, and beverages. Although the sparrows are small and five internal organs, and each food does not reduce the quality because of the figure of the MINI, the sandwich from the soft toast in the outer coke to the bacon tablet is impeccable. The muffin is sweet and not greasy. The sausage meat is rich and very elastic. The drink is the MINI version of the Pepsit Fruit Mango Think.

After the meal is complete, start the dessert time belonging to the second stomach! Ordered cakes of different colors and shapes! There are so many people, one by one, don’t worry about choosing phobia hahaha!

Green [Matcha Berry Mousse], white [coconut incense mango mousse], red [litchi cherry mousse], yellow [passion fruit mousse], brown [caramel coffee roll], triangular [ Double -layer cheese]. Mousse is the most recommended coconut mango mousse. The sweetness is the most suitable. The faint coconut aroma with sweet acid mango sandwich is very harmonious, and the mousse is soft and tender. Double -layer cheese mixed with two different taste cheese. It seems that the appearance is not high -profile, but the perfect CP of fresh cream and baking cheese makes this restrained type amazing.

In fact, in addition to brunch, Adlib’s afternoon tea and dinner are also excellent!

The afternoon tea in the store is displayed on a MINI dessert rack. There are eight desserts, all of which are slightly smaller than normal single desserts. Macaron with almonds Cookie] and [Cream Cheese Frequently Crispy Crispy Bottom], the lower layer is [Vanilla Canti Mu Mu Cup], [Tiramisu], [Nippy Symphony Frozen], and [Mini Cake Rolls .. Soft and hard, solid liquid, sweet and rich type.

There are many options for coffee with desserts. The most distinctive feature should be [bread latte]. The container itself is made of hard bread. When the hot latte is finished, the inside of the cup, especially the bottom, is slightly soaked by the hot coffee slightly soaked by hot coffee slightly. You can try to dig out, it is delicious!

[Ice Capital Capital Latin], [Bing Mocha] and [90+ Mystery] are also three models with a very high order rate.

There are also [Laboratory Bing Qiao] and [Carshmallow Hot]. Individuals prefer ice. It will not drink a bit greasy like hot chocolate, and the ice cream is also sweet and refreshing.

[Dragon Fish Bakery Pack] During the dinner time, don’t miss it, the dragon fish is extremely tender! There is almost no seasoning, mainly with three kinds of sauces, tomato Salsa, avocado and yogurt to season. Taco cakes have two flavors: wheat and corn, which are very tough and rich in grain. Add two pieces of fish, with red onion, red and yellow pepper pepper, small green pepper and virgin fruit.

[French grilled lamb chop] is more special. Unlike most western restaurants, bread bran is wrapped, the skin is crispy and the gravy is better preserved. It tastes very tender and full, and there is no taste at all.

[Mini Burger] It is very suitable for children. The black cuttlefish bread is soft and sweet, the meat is just right, and the sauce is not greasy.

[Green sauce cream fried pen tip] and [Black Gold Salmon Mushroom Mushroom Egg Cream Cream] are the main possibly pushed in the store. The tip of the noodle noodles is more Q bomb, and the salmon mushroom egg yolk cream is full of taste! The super rich taste bud experience of fish mushrooms is concentrated in a plate, and each noodle cannot be stopped.

On Monday, two, three, four, fatigue, anxiety, anxiety to doubtful life, you are only away from the positive energy on the weekend, this exquisite brunch ~

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