186 Pingxiang Wind and casual house, TV wall is creative as a sofa, so I like such a large dining table

The beauty of life often comes from the variety of various elements that can be changed, reconciled, and compatible. Just like the stage of life depicted by this smooth brushstroke, in the modern sense of vaguely revealing the beauty of rural leisure and beauty, the fascinating and tranquility has emerged. Connect, deliberately low -colored temperature neutral aesthetics, with soft white, gray blue, dark brown and other colors, outline the seemingly casual and orderly field theme.

Architectural form | New House

Space number | The actual indoor area is about 186 square meters

Indoor pattern | Porch, living room, restaurant, kitchen, master bedroom, children’s room, guest room, leisure reading area

Use building materials | Natural stone, artificial leather, wooden, paint, wooden leather plate, stainless steel, black grilled iron, supernifiable floor

The homeowner has a good personality, and his family is often full of friends. Frequent receptions and welcoming friendship needs first have become an important thinking for planning the public field and functional projects in the plan.

Kaifeng depth of field strive for great value

In order to make the vision and sense of space in the door more obvious, at the same time, the restaurant can be extended up to a large dining table with a longest three -meter meal to maintain the scope of abundant operations and activities. From the back of the door, a row of suspended high cabinets is created by the wall, and the linear quantitative body is connected with the waist cabinet and backlight display rack of the back wall of the sofa. Combined with the way of treating the space background, it does not trace to meet the necessary large -capacity storage of the home home. Performance needs, then set a fixed screen on the right side of the long sofa on the living room, with a fixed screen under the beam, similar to the appearance of the pores woven and weaved, retain the flow of light, shadow and sight, and wash with stainless steel and black roast iron. The chain craftsmanship is interesting, and through the location of the screen medium, it has also reached the potential to divide the fields of porch, restaurant and living room.

Considering that the public domain is open -minded and open -like open plan, the problem of large and low on -site beams at the scene is obvious. The designer uses its strength to create a delicate partition ceiling. The tall male owner also did not feel oppressed. The dark lines of the ceiling bezel were embellished with ditch engraving methods. On the one hand, the rich level of the elevation horizons was increased. Successfully eliminating the huge height difference, and the overall shaping of the sky. In addition, the half -wall type living room TV wall is also the core of indoor circulation moving lines. The sofa -oriented quantity body is made of light moisturizing stone. The multi -functional leisure area came into being.

Neutral performance color rejuvenation exclusive personality beauty

The loudness of the living room is really refreshing, with solid wood 100 leaves in front of the large floor -to -ceiling windows, as well as blocks that can pass through the guest room and use the slightly high layer of wooden floor. , Nakajima Axis and Multifunctional Leisure Area and other functions sharing. Even if there are many guests at the party, they can find their favorite positions in the open space.

The personality color performance plan in the room is another design highlight, including the warm wood color in the porch area, the light gray in the living room area, the dark brown in the reading area, and the gray and blue tone of the kitchen area. At the same time, it also symbolizes the owner’s intuitive consciousness of aesthetics, especially surprising to visitors: the saturated and stable gray blue color of the dining and kitchen area. After the actual completion Waiting to complement each other, and the copper golden lights above the long table, the rural dining chair, and the solid wood dining table have also played an excellent reconciliation effect.

The private sector basically maintains a three -bedroom configuration, but the entrance of the guest room is changed from the central walkway to the near the window on the right side of the bookcase wall. The walkway will be connected with the rooms. When the door is opened, it is equivalent to the extension of the public field. Even if it is used as a filial piety room or a guest stay, it will be separated from the master bedroom and children’s room on the moving line. Interference, intimate vision even praise the homeowner!

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