The rise is fierce! What is the fairy gemstone for steady preservation?

In the past year, due to the impact of the epidemic, some of the rare gem resources that were relatively scarce became more difficult to minimize and trade. Many well -known jewelry auctions in 2020 were changed to online. However, the turnover of the auction is so high that it is dazzling, even

The price increase of many gems exceeded the highest history.

However, everyone guess what gems are these rich people scrambling to buy?

diamond? Rubber? Lan Treasure? what else? Intersection Intersection

You may not expect that it is the birthstone in May

Ancestor! mother! green!

Let’s take a look at the sky -high price shoots in 2020!

Colombia natural emerald and diamond necklace

28 to 1.48 to 1.48 carat pillows or rectangular Columbia emeralds

With 22 4.22 to 0.70 carat oval or rectangular diamonds

The perimeter length of the necklace is 40.0 cm

Valuation: 55,000,000-180,000,000 Hong Kong dollars

Transaction price: 54,250,000 Hong Kong dollars

On November 29, 2020, Christie’s | Hong Kong

21.86 carat square cut emerald

After mild oil treatment

On both sides are French long stick diamonds

Designed and produced by Cartier

Valuation: 750,000-1,000,000 US dollars

Transaction price: $ 3,650,000

On December 9, 2020, Sotheby’s | New York

Fengwu Chinhin (18K Golden Emerald Store)

Emerald weight 101.62 carat

With 0.35 carat black diamond

4.16 carat white diamond and 1.86 carat yellow diamond

Valuation: 5,680,000-5,980,000 yuan

Transaction price: 17,250,000 yuan

On December 04, 2020, Yongle Art’s first shooting worldwide shot

16 water droplets, pillows, octagonal cutting emeralds

Produced in Colombia

11 pieces of mild oil processing

5 unprepared oil treatment

The three emeralds below the necklace weigh 9.89ct, 9.61ct, and 6.97ct

Decoration of circular and olive -shaped cut diamonds

Bulgari created in 1970

Valuation: 1,600,000-2,500,000 Swiss francs

Transaction price: 1,770,000 Swiss franc

On November 10, 2020, Christied | Geneva

29.54ct’s octagonal staircase cutting emerald

It is produced in Colombia and is treated with light micro oil

Mosaic shield -shaped cut diamonds on both sides

Harry Winston (Harry Winston) 1949

Valuation: 1,200,000-1,800,000 Swiss francs

Transaction price: 1,695,000 Swiss franc

July 22, 2020, Christie’s | Geneva

Emerald diamonds and color diamond rings

9.26 carat natural “Colombia Muzo” oil -free emerald with cone pentagon diamond

Decorate from brightly cut pink diamonds

Valuation: 3,800,000-5,000,000 Hong Kong dollars

Transaction price: 9,613,000 Hong Kong dollars

October 7, 2020, Sotheby’s | Hong Kong


21.52 Clarks Columbia Natural Emerald

Unexposed processing


Valuation: 7,500,000-9,500,000 Hong Kong dollars

Transaction price: 9,150,000 Hong Kong dollars

July 8, 2020, Philips | Hong Kong

Emerald earrings

One ear clip 9.60 carat -shaped diamond with multiple elliptical emeralds

Another earrings 9.07 carat -shaped emerald with multiple oval diamonds

Bulgari, 1970s

Valuation: 350,000-550,000 US dollars

Transaction price: $ 1,169,500

Emerald with diamond jewelry set

Consistence of one necklace and two pairs of ear clips

Inlaid water droplets, pillow -shaped cutting emerald

Decoration of old -style cut diamonds

The largest 14 emeralds are produced in Colombia

One of the largest droplets -shaped emeralds 11.94ct

The Lieutenant Marquis I was collected by the Royal Navy of Spain

Valuation: 642,000-920,000 Swiss francs

Transaction price: 988000 Swiss franc

On November 11, 2020, Sotheby’s Geneva | Geneva

Emerald and diamond earrings

9.00, 8.85, 2.11 and 2.02 cauldling Colombian emerald

Optimized by unpaid degree

2.02, 2.01, 1.81, and 1.71 carat square emerald cutting diamonds

Valuation: 6,800,000-9,800,000 Hong Kong dollars

Transaction price: 8,050,000 Hong Kong dollars

Seeing the sky -high emerald at the 2020 auction, finally I believe how high it is!

Why is emerald so favored?


Its color is beautiful, and the color of emerald is full of vitality and is a symbol of vitality. Among them, “Muzuo Green” is the evaluation of the highest level of emerald color, and it is most recognized worldwide.


It is rare. Jewelry can verify the phrase “things are rare”. After all, it is very rare to get a natural gem -level emerald with a perfect color, high clarity, and a large grade. Although there are a lot of origin, it is still very difficult to mine high -quality emeralds, so high -end emeralds in the market are highly collected.


As a precious color gem and has the legendary historical charm, emerald has always attracted the attention of the International Caibao market. It has already enjoyed the reputation in the color gem industry. It is particularly loved by Westerners. one. Whether it is the royal nobility or the lady actress, I love emeralds to highlight the temperament and enhance the gas field. Therefore, its international influence is still a bar, and many people regard the expensive price as a heirot.

The beauty of emerald is the kind of beauty that cannot be expressed in words. It is necessary to feel it with your heart, which can bring unlimited reveries. In addition, as the emerald yield is getting less and less, its collection value is getting higher and higher, so if you encounter the one with the heartbeat


Don’t miss it, treasure such a beautiful green!

On November 29, 2020, Christie’s | Hong Kong

After mild oil treatment

On December 9, 2020, Sotheby’s | New York

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