Analysis of the mouth of the hand -free handwashing solution: Shu Shengjia is “pungent”, Weli and Diluta are cost -effective

Repeated work in various places is carried out in an orderly manner,

More disinfection and toilet in hand are the habit of everyone who should develop.

In order to be convenient and fast in office workers and student parties,

Washing hand -free handwashing has become the choice of more and more people.

Which is the highest cost -effective?

Which brand of products is easy and mild?

The Nandu Appraisal Evaluation Laboratory selected 7 brands to freely -exempt handwashing solution, combined with the 23,000 consumer evaluation data of e -commerce platforms, and launched 7 models from the four dimensions of “portable”, “mildness”, “cost -effectiveness” and “use”. Washing hand -free hand list.

↓ Results Start through the bus ↓


Youhuyoujia’s best portability

Wei Bao was vomited “small capacity”

For most consumers, the most consumer to buy handwashing hand is its portable. After all, the conventional sanitizer is not convenient for office workers and student parties. In addition, the freehand handwashing does not like alcohol, which can be brought into the subway for easy travel. According to consumer evaluation data, the 7 -free handwashing handwashing rates of this evaluation have exceeded 90%of the portfolio, which can basically achieve the purpose of “portable”.

Among the 7 models, the portrait rate of Youhu Youjia was 98.31%, ranking first. Most evaluations believe that “small bottle children are more convenient to carry school” and “small bottles are suitable for carrying with them.”

Jiefu’s soft titer Dettol’s portlum praise rate is 96.51%and 94.60%, respectively, ranking second and third, respectively. Many evaluations of Jie Furou are “easy to carry” and “mini models, suitable for children to carry school”; Dettol Dettol is “small and convenient” and “very small”.

In addition, brands with a portfolio of more than 90%include the four brands: Six Gods, Shushujia, Weili and Weibao. Among them, Wei Bao’s praise rate was 90.91%in the penultimate place, because some comments believe that the product capacity is small, and a few people commented on “too small” and “too stingy.”


Shu Shengjia, Jie Furou

After half a comment, Tucao “pungent and difficult to smell”

Washing hand -free hand must have a cleaning effect and disinfection effect, so alcohol is indispensable, but alcohol can also bring certain stimuli. How to be gentle is the homework that the product should do. Consumer evaluation data shows that the praise rate of 7 brands of washing hand -free handwashing products is large, and they have been commented on the situation of “heavy taste” and “pungent taste”.

The evaluation data shows that the mild praise rate of Dettol is 92.47%, and the mildness is the best in 7 brands. Some comments have stated that they are “mild and not exciting” and “taste good.” However, there are still some comments that “alcohol taste is heavy” and “a bit pungent”. Whelin and Youhuyoujia ranked second and third in the moderate list with 91.44%and 88.42%, respectively.

It should be noted that Jiev’s soft and comfortable gentleness praise rate is at the bottom, ranking first and second in 45.57%and 59.66%of the praise rates, respectively. Many evaluations said that Jiev’s hand washed away with the same “taste” “pungent”, Shukanjia’s “rushing nose”, “too pungent” and “alcoholic”.

【Poor price / performance ratio】

Weli, Dettol

“Slightly expensive”

Of the 7 models, consumers have a high cost performance of 5 brands, and the praise rate is higher than 80%. Among them, the cost -effective evaluation of Wei Bao and Liushen is the highest, with 97.16%and 93.66%. Many consumers have expressed “cost -effective”, “cheap and affordable”, “worth buying”. The cost -effective performance of Youhuyoujia’s hand washing fluid also performed well at 85.42%. Many comments say “the price is small and expensive, it is easy to use.”

The cost -effectiveness of Welshi and Dilu Dettol both was less than 70%, with 68.83%and 68.75%, respectively. Many consumers vomit these two products “small quantity, and it is gone for several times.” There are also comments that “the price increase during the epidemic is very good.”

[Use sense]

Six God’s hand washing solution was spit out

“Sticky feel after washing”

The sense of use mainly considers the refreshing and softness of the hand washing solution product when using it. The results of the comment show that the use of hand washing solution for 7 different brands has a good performance, and the praise rate exceeds 90%, of which 6 of the six hand -to sinks have a good criticism rate of more than 95%.

Dettol and Youhu Youjia’s hand -tohed solution has the highest criticism rate at 99%. Many comments say that the product is “refreshing after washing hands” and “not greasy”. Shu Shengjia and Weili ranked third and fourth with a 98%praise rate.

And the relatively low sense of use is the six -god hand washing solution, with a praise rate of 94.18%. Some comments believe that the product is “sticky and uncomfortable after washing.”

Data support: Zheng Bingrong Liang Xiuxia

Data analysis: Intern Dai Wanqiu Ke Yonghong Kong Wendong Tan Yanting

Writing: Intern Kong Wendong Tan Yanting Researcher Chen Jingyu Yang Liyun

Figure: Lin Yongxi

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