Have you seen the factory live sale, stalls live sale, farmland live sale … have you ever seen live selling goods under the foot of Everest?

On August 30, an account selling down jackets on the foot of Mount Everest was hot. This fan has only more than 30,000. It only started to post videos and live broadcasts in mid -August. With this live broadcast method, it quickly came out and became popular.

Such a battle and praise make Xiaohong feel that they are engaged in marketing like A Huai who brushed the screen some time ago. However, in recent times, the gameplay of e -commerce live rooms is indeed endless.


First, there are live broadcast rooms to guide the audience to interact, and then there are various types of workshop production lines. There are also female group jumping goods, brand joint entertainment anchors to issue joint models …

Behind the various types of gameplay, in fact, the inside of the entire e -commerce live competition market. But the deeper is that the content as a benign competition model is being valued by more and more teams.

Sell ​​down jackets under Everest


“Let the operation watch silent, the anchor watched the crying down jacket scene live broadcast.”


“You are the best on the whole network, go directly to the snow mountain to broadcast down jackets.”

“Ultimate people’s cargo yard, do you go to the volcano to sell the fierce bird brooch?”

“People are not crazy, it is difficult to succeed, and scene -based brand live broadcast.”

“Is this the so -called immersive live broadcast scene?”


“The ceiling of people and the field!”


On August 30, the circle of friends of the industry was brushed by a live broadcast room selling down jackets on Douyin

The reason is that this live broadcast team selling down jackets ran directly at the foot of Mount Everest, playing a real scene -based live broadcast.



An industry person lamented:


“My circle of friends was swiped by a Chinese national brand that sells down jackets under Mount Everest. It is really an era of talented planning.”

Xiao Hong found this account for the first time–

Yaya Duck Duck Mountaineering Flagship Store (hereinafter referred to as “Duck and Duck Mountaineering Live Room”), currently accounts for 28,000 accounts

The earliest work on the homepage was released on August 15 this year. Nineteen works were filmed in Lhasa. It is the daily content of some down jackets wearing brand down jackets outdoors and playing.


“You can fight! Actually go to the Snow Mountain live broadcast.”

“Salvation of the Ferry Farm”

“It’s amazing, such a high altitude live broadcast”

In the video comment area, Xiaohong found that many users who were sale down the down jackets under the Snow Mountain to swipe the screen and came to watch.

Not only that, Xiaohong found from the data monitored by Feigua Douyin’s professional version that the popularity of the duck and duck climbing live room also increased due to the screen outside the station.

According to Feigua data,


The earliest record of the duck climbing live room was August 16th, and now a total of 16 games have been broadcast.

Before August 30, the highest number of viewers in the duck climbing live room were 54,000, and the highest number of online people was 1955.

On August 30, the day when the duck climbing live room was swiped outside the station, the highest cumulative viewers of the live broadcast room reached 365,000, and the highest number of online people reached 12,000.

In terms of sales data, the duck duck climbing live room never broke through 100,000 before August 30. On August 30, the cumulative sales of the live broadcast room reached 355,000.

Just today (August 31), the duck duck climbing live room also lived. The highest cumulative viewer of the live broadcast room reached 227,000,

The highest number of online people is 13,000, and the cumulative sales of the live broadcast room reached 472,000 yuan



“Ceiling” was rolled out

And if you want to explore and dismantle how these innovative and creative live live rooms appear, Xiaohong feels that most of them are “inner rolls” with live broadcasts.

Taking the duck and duck climbing live room this time as an example, when Xiaohong searched ducks on Douyin, 7-8 screens appeared on the “Chinese Duck and Duck” brand with a blue V certification account. The profile of most accounts in these accounts is roughly the same, introducing the brand story of “Chinese duck and duck”.

Xiaohong roughly counted, and the number of accounts exceeded 40.


These amazing accounts are not zombies. When Xiaohong searched, it was found that multiple accounts were in the live broadcast room, and some live broadcast rooms and even set scenes were almost the same.

“Chinese ducks and ducks have been cleared online before, so the other party has released a lot of authorization.”

A person familiar with the matter told Xiaohong that when he brushed a live -like down jacket under the circle of friends, he found the protagonist’s account for a while, because of the same nickname and the same avatar, the Chinese duck and duck blue V certification account is too much.

“The brand is also doing it.” The person in charge of an agency who got the agency of the Chinese duck and ducks said, “This year, the business is not bad.”


Although this is said, Xiaohong observed that the number of online live rooms was not high, and the number of fans of a large number of matrix numbers was uneven. It may be a good and capable agent, and the newly entered account like duck and duck climbing is not small.

In addition to the Chinese duck and duck brand, there have been some innovative live broadcast rooms, and some time ago, many food brands also tried to transform the live broadcast room scene and carry the live broadcast room in the factory. Some are sterile workshops, they directly set the live broadcast room in the aisle, and look at the production workshop through the glass.

Not only that, at the end of July, there was a batch of brand live broadcast rooms that deliberately inverted the live broadcast room, trying to use this discomfort to stimulate the audience and let everyone commented on interaction.


This approach does not form head cases, and there is not much discussion.

However, the number of brand live broadcast rooms, as well as these actions above, are not difficult to see that everyone is a lot of recruitment for traffic. Under this approach, many teams have forced many teams to start trying and innovating to attract the attention of the audience.

Eighteen martial arts, content


Planning novel gameplay has attracted attention to the live broadcast room and achieved sales growth. There is no only one duck and duck climbing live room.

During this period of August, there were two cases of novel gameplay and obvious conversion effects in the industry, and at the same time, a high degree of discussion:

1. Noble Bird Push Tie Mountain by co -branded

On August 25, Tieshan leaned in the live broadcast room of the official flagship store of noble bird brand.

Tieshan is an entertainment anchor that has become popular in Douyin in mid -to -late July. Its settings and live broadcast content are deeply loved by users. In the case of PK, the number of live broadcast rooms by Tieshan can be maintained at more than 100 Ten thousand. The reason why Tieshan rely on the live broadcast of the noble bird live room is because this day is the day when noble bird birds and Tieshan are released on joint costumes.

Regarding the story between the birds and Tieshan, you can click: Didn’t you understand it? “Han Shu couple” and “Tie Mountain”, e -commerce live broadcast entertainment! Review.

According to the new trembling data, Tieshan’s live broadcast of this live broadcast with noble birds for nearly 5 hours, with sales of 41.91 million, the popularity peak reached 370,000, and the per capita viewing time reached 4 points and 52.

According to statistics, the noble birds on the live room × Tieshan rely on the joint model “Unmanned” series, with a total of 6 models, covering casual shoes, sweaters, cropped pants, sneakers, T -shirt categories, all the products on the shelves are all Bring the label of “Tie Mountain”. The GMV of the “Unmanned” series of 6 products exceeded 1 million, and the series of casual shoes launched by the main launch of the GMV reached 7.31 million.

2. Women’s group jumpy sells goods

In addition to Tieshan, the most recent discussion on the screen is the female group jumping.

The “Beautiful Girl Hi Buy GO” with a fan of 1.482 million on the Douyin has four beautiful anchors: fire, hot, Wenwen, Xiangxiang (referred to as “Fire Wenxiang”). The front row of their live broadcast room was placed with products, while the back row anchors stood by the microphone, dancing at the same time, teased users, and guided everyone to place orders.


The four anchors have face value and talent, and there are people who are more poisonous, and they continue to explode in the live broadcast room. Makes the live broadcast interaction very high. The live broadcast of 6 hours a day can attract tens of thousands of people to watch. At the same time, the four anchors will adjust the style of clothing in the live broadcast room of the American girl, and even planned the national style special session, and the anchor cheongsam.

According to them in the live broadcast room, they will also plan the ancient style and put on Hanfu to sell the goods for everyone.

In addition to the content, most of the products on the beautiful girl live room are snacks and beverages, and they will also go to some daily necessities. Each GMV is between 200,000 and 500,000 yuan. According to new data, the total GMV has exceeded 13 million yuan in the total GMV in the past month.

Not only that, Xiaohong also observed that the microphone in the beautiful girl live room began to have a logo card, and it would be replaced regularly. Xiaohong speculated that in addition to selling commissions to the beautiful girl’s live broadcast room, it also earn a name for foreign investment.

The fact is exactly the case. The beautiful girl Budi sells the live broadcast room has now been copied in Douyin.

At the moment when the competition in e -commerce live broadcast is intensified, the live broadcast room products and models are homogeneous, the appearance of the duck and duck climbing live room, the noble bird X Tieshan, and the appearance of the beautiful girl Budi selling the live room, allowing many people to see many industries New direction and growth opportunities.

There is a very clear information behind this -the lack of content of e -commerce live broadcast, or the emphasis on content is increasing.


For a live broadcast room, the source of traffic is mainly divided into two types: paid traffic and natural traffic. The former threshold is low, but there is no upper limit in competition. Moreover, “paid traffic is good or bad, sometimes it depends on the platform and the opponent to eat.”

A live pipe pitcher said that when the platform is uneven, it is useless to have money. When the platform planned large -scale activities or the content of the corresponding hotspot flow appears, the effect of paid traffic is greatly reduced.

In contrast, the natural traffic that rely on content to attract content is the best source of traffic in the live broadcast room.

At the same time, because the content has a threshold, the content battle is also a benign competition model. The more intense competition, the better it is for the platform ecology and user experience.


“Single single, card live streaming square, hair bag, and training anchor talk. These gameplay and practices are actually to make the live broadcast room have better natural traffic.” A person in charge of an institution said,

The competition and performance of natural traffic in the live broadcast room is the key point that reflects the strength of an institution and operating team.

Therefore, it is not to say that the paid traffic does not require a threshold, but the paid traffic that everyone can use or even can be intelligently invested is more like a “money” contest;

And the natural traffic of content marketing with anchors, shaping the live broadcast scene, and people, and more like a game of “brave”, is an important indicator for assessing whether a team has explosive capabilities.

With the live broadcast room, there is no lack of creativity and execution. But whether you can find a long -lasting or copy -can still be the goal of many teams.

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