What are the problems of oil and water separators that can occur?


First, the engine accelerates unstable or is weak or weak and discharges black smoke.

The high -pressure jet at the high -pressure common rail system needs to accurately control the fuel injection pressure, the fuel injection time and the amount of fuel injection, and the workmanship of the fuel injection mouth is more fine. The plunger occurred in the fuel jet mouth for wear and caused a strain until the injector card was killed.

Injector damage will cause the engine to accelerate unstable or accelerate weakness, or discharge black smoke and other faults. In severe cases, it will directly damage the engine. Because the workmanship of the fuel jet mouth is relatively fine, its price is relatively high. For the above reasons, when there is a problem with the oil and water separator, it must be replaced in time.

Water separator

Second, charcoal accumulation.

If the oil and water separator is damaged, the water and impurities in diesel will be filtered through the device, and then the intake of the valve, the airway, and the cylinder will be accumulated. destruction.

Third, valve carbon accumulation


The damage to the oil and water separator will cause carbon accumulation of the valve, and the carbon accumulation of the valve will cause abnormal phenomena such as the engine of the engine, unstable idling, poor acceleration, urgent refueling recovery, excessive fuel consumption, and increased fuel consumption. In severe cases, the engine will cause damage to the engine.

Fourth, the engine has white smoke.

After damage to the oil and water separator, the engine will cause white smoke, because the water in the fuel will turn into water vapor when burning, which will cause white smoke.

The water vapor in Baiyan will damage the high -pressure fuel injection mouth, resulting in insufficient engine power, which will cause sudden parking. In serious cases, the engine will directly damage the engine.