Today, talk about the history of Chinese women’s shoes.

As one of the earliest countries to wear shoes, China has a very rich shoe culture, especially women’s shoes. After all, women always think that there will always be a pair of good shoes in the shoe cabinet.

There is always a pair of good shoes in women’s shoe cabinets.


The earliest physical evidence of women’s shoes appeared in Xinjiang. A pair of wool women’s boots unearthed in Loulan, Xinjiang have been 4,000 years ago. The entire pair of shoes is composed of two parts: boots and boots, which can be called the world’s first boots.


Is modern boots returning to ancient times?

During the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, people began to pay attention to practicality. They wrapped their feet with rough hemp, bark or dried grass. Most of the slaves’ shoes are made of animal skin or silk.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the short boots of the nomadic nomads began to integrate into the lives of the Han people. After that, the leather boots prevailed for thousands of years. After the Qin Dynasty unified the whole country, the men’s shoes must be square. Women’s shoes It must be a round head, the feudal thought of the male and female humble, the first time on the shoes.

Qin Dynasty men and women round

In the Han Dynasty, it was sutured by marijuana, 用, satin and other fabrics. The shoes are mostly split -shaped, and the bottom is woven with tingling, also known as double -pointed and square.

In the end of the Han Dynasty, women married, wearing more wooden crickets, and wooden paintings were very beautiful. In the Jin Dynasty, there is a kind of wooden cricket. The plaques, gangs, and teeth are all made of a whole piece of wood, which replaces the original department.

There is also one of its two teeth that can be disassembled at will. It is said that this kind of wooden cricket was created by Xie Lingyun of the Southern Dynasties, known as Xie Gongxuan. Fortunately, his surname was solved. If he was “big”, wouldn’t it be called a big cock? This kind of shoe can be worn during mountaineering tourism, and can go up the mountain to the front tooth to become high heels (will it be the originator of high heels?), Go down the mountain to the hind teeth so as to keep the human body balance.

Xie Gongxuan

During the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, it was a period of national integration in Chinese history. The style of shoes was endless, including high, wooden crickets, hand -made shoes, etc. In the Sui Dynasty, the shoes were market -oriented, and the shoe industry began to appear. At that time, the ruler also gave the shoes a very vivid name -foot clothes.



In the Tang Dynasty, the ancients finally had a pair of serious shoes -boots.

Women’s shoes of the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty can be divided into two shapes: high -headed and flat.


Gao head, also known as leading, and the screen painting “Ladies Pictures” unearthed from the Tomb 230 of Asana, the shoes worn by women are leaping. This high -headed front end of the tattoo is upward, which can support long skirts for easy walking.


Flat -headed shoes include a variety of shoes such as hemp shoes, pad shoes, leather shoes and other textures. In the “Faculty” of the painter Yan Liben, the palace girls are all wearing hemp shoes; the “Han Xizai Night Banquet Map” painted by the five generations of painters Gu Yanzhong can also see the specific image of Pu shoes at that time.

Tang Dynasty hemp shoes unearthed from Turpan Tang Tomb of Xinjiang


The most worth mentioning in the history of Chinese women’s shoes is still the bow shoes of Chinese small foot shoes -the head of the bird’s head. “Three -inch Golden Lotus” is a unique foot -binding shoe ornament in China. At that time, the smallest foot was regarded as a typical typical beauty, and small feet were also one of the conditions for Chinese men to marry a wife.


Old photos of beautiful women in the Qing Dynasty

The historian community recognized that the “three -inch golden lotus” originated from the Five Dynasties of the Southern Tang Dynasty and originated from the court. During the prosperity, it was only three inches and the smallest 2 inches 8.


The feet of different sizes are different levels of “lotus”. The ones are “iron lotus” greater than four inches, the four -inch ones are “silver lotus”, and the three -inch ones are “golden lotus”. The “three -inch golden lotus” requires not only to be as small as three inches, but also bow.


Song Shi is about 3.07 cm, and the three -inch golden lotus is about nine to ten centimeters. The six pairs of women’s shoes unearthed from the tomb of the Southern Song Dynasty in Fuzhou Fujian, 13.3-14 cm long, 4.5-5 cm wide, belong to “iron lotus”,

At that time, the girl began to bind her foot from the age of 3 to 4, and her pain can be imagined. Its cone is destined to have a history of blood writing. It is a proof of Chinese historical women being oppressed by feudal etiquette and the product of social malformations.

Women’s shoes unearthed from the tomb of the Southern Song Dynasty in Fuzhou, Fujian

Later, the release of the Qing Dynasty Xuan Dusa’s banning order to let the foot binding comes to an end, and the “flag shoes” appeared on the historical stage. It was not until the founding of the People’s Republic of China that “Golden Lotus Culture” was completely eliminated.

Although the Song Dynasty had a very feudal foot -binding atmosphere, the shoe production technology at that time was world -famous. In the Southern Song Dynasty, knitted shoes appeared, with prism patterns. The craftsmanship was very advanced, and there was almost no difference between modern times.

The shoe production process of the Qing Dynasty was more complicated. At that time, the boots were designated as official shoes, while the Manchu women wore high -bottom “flag shoes”.


Shooting shoes

During the Republic of China, due to the influence of foreign countries, leather shoes began to be popular. After the founding of New China, with the start of the Chinese rubber industry, liberating shoes began to popularize. This kind of shoes were also worn at the time. The liberation shoes are basically eliminated by our people, but what I did not expect was that foreign women used it as a fashion. Many foreign women loved wearing improved liberation shoes.


China’s liberation shoes swept the United States and became American fashion


In today’s China, women’s shoes have unprecedented prosperity, and various styles of shoes have emerged endlessly, making modern Chinese women a beautiful state.

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