In the cold winter, the high -necked bottom shirt can be said to be a more popular item. The warmth effect of the warmth can make it more fashionable and practical, but many people think they are distressed. All, how to create a style more?


You can try to match different coats. The following three coats are good choices. Basic everyone can control it. Let’s see which three coats are available!

① short coat

• Little incense wind jacket+high -necked bottom shirt+wide -leg pants

If you want to make the most common high -necked bottom shirt and build a high -level and fashionable, you can try a short small incense wind jacket to create your own style.


It is necessary to pay attention to the overall dressing, to emphasize the sense of high level, rather than excessively showing a sense of wealth, otherwise the matching will look very old -fashioned, and the temperament is difficult to display.

• White lapel jacket+white bottoming shirt+black pants

If you prefer a simple style, then the white lapel jacket and bottoming shirt are the first choice. With a black pants, after effective comparison, the thin effect of the matching is more obvious. It may be too simple, but it can indeed make the matching atmosphere wrong, but it will show the best state.

• knitted jacket+basic bottoming shirt+skirt

Most people like jackets are generally simple -style, knitted jackets can be matched with basic bottoming shirts.


Ordinary daily styles seem to be more casual and lazy. With a skirt, wearing it will also show a more fashionable effect. The most important thing is to make the figure bumpy and show a good temperament.

② down jacket

• Green down jacket+high -necked bottom shirt+skirt


In the cold winter, the down jacket is indispensable. The down jacket can provide a warm effect for the matching. The style will look more fashionable and temperamental. With high -necked bottom shirts and high -waisted skirts, it can improve its temperament. If your figure is tall enough, then this kind of combination is your exclusive.


• Basic down jacket+bottoming shirt+boots

Among the many items, I believe that everyone’s favorite down jacket is a black down jacket. This kind of down jacket can make the match look simpler. With the same color boots and bottoming shirts, the figure will look more slim and tall. Create a more prominent temperament.

• Blue down jacket+bottoming shirt+black straight pants


If you want to create a simple style, and if you want to show the taste, you can choose a white bottoming shirt, with a blue down jacket, two colors clean and pure, with black straight pants, you can also show your sense of noble sense of spirit. Essence

③ coat

• khaki coat+black bottoming shirt+skirt

The classic matching method is the most fashionable way. You can choose a khaki coat, with a black bottoming shirt, and the lower body. Try to choose the skirt as much as possible. The high -waisted style is mainly based on the high -waisted style.

• Classic coat+bottoming shirt+black straight pants


The matching of coats can try some classic styles, such as gray coats, such coats are more atmospheric.


You can also try the khaki color coat, with a dark bottom shirt, but it will show the most fashionable effect. I feel that this matching method is very monotonous. The overall style is appropriately adjusted. It uses accessories to create an atmosphere.

The bottom shirt that most people like is because of the good match. Through these matching methods, the basic style becomes more fashionable, and the most basic bottom shirt can also present the most fashionable effect. If you choose What style will you choose?


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