In the news, there are quite a lot of content in the manufacturing industry, but it is really difficult to believe that there are really changes in the civilian field -slogans, gimmicks, and too little pragmatic improvement.

I bought a small spinning wheel in the past few days. The old domestic fishing gear enterprises Guangwei produced it and eliminated it directly after using it. It really tastes old and bad.

The reason why I bought Guangwei’s small wheels is two reasons: my brother -in -law has used it for a while after buying it, saying it is easy to use; there are not many micro -spinning wheels in import brands, it is difficult to find a small one.

I used the wheels of Guangwei more than ten years ago to go to the brand’s goods. As a result, the quality is really not as bad as it is, and the failure rate is extremely high.

Thinking about it for so many years, how to make the technology should be improved, maybe like Huawei mobile phones, it has developed rapidly after the precipitation of time.

After buying the order, I used it twice. I did n’t catch the fish. There was no experience of violent testing, and there was no damage caused by myself.

When I used it for the second time, it was obvious that the stuck was particularly serious when the line was retracted. However, when the line was closed, it paused, and then the line was stuck. It was necessary to use force to continue the line.


This is still an empty hook. If the fish is really caught, the caron will cause the fish to run away and get angry.

Originally planned to change one, and also mentioned the after -sales demand. In the end, it was still giving up after -sales. Guangwei always had a blacklist.

The domestic fishing ship is a little better, but the micro wheel is not done. On the one hand, the weight is not controlled and not light enough; on the other hand, the uniform winding of the winding is poor.

I bought the two GCA800s of Dijia. One was that it was not easy to use, and the gap was large, and the other was extremely unevenly winding.

There are only a few for domestic brands that have been doing fishing ships for a long time. The wheels of the old -fashioned manufacturers have been tried. It has not been satisfactory.

I have never touched the Internet celebrity brand. Those so -called brands are generally collecting IQ taxes. I still do not provoke it.

There are several wheels of Jubana and Dawa. The quality is indeed possible. The lines are uniform, the lines are smooth, the unloading force is linear, and the function is stable.

These wheels made by Japanese devils are actually produced in domestic or Vietnamese. It is nothing more than better materials, more detailed craftsmanship, and more serious quality inspection.

In fact, there is no need to think that the fishing wheels made by Japanese devils are too expensive. After all, it is used for a long time. It is equivalent to a little money every year. It is much more than buying a domestic fishing ship. The key is that it will not make you worry during the use process.

Of course, the disadvantages are also: Ximano, Dawa, Liyi Bi, etc. rarely do miniature spinning wheels, and there are very few options.

How can the manufacturing industry go long and long, can’t sink, cut corners, and speculation, how can it be long in the base industry?

Some people say that our products cannot be sold at the price, and there is no enough profit support for research and development or realizing products.

This is actually a bit nonsense. How many people buy a certain product because of cheapness? Most people buy a certain product because of solving a certain needs.

Can you really solve the problem better, do you still worry about selling good prices?

At least I spent hundreds of dollars in the V -Gold series of a domestic brand, which is more expensive than many single -knives of Shuangli.