A good display rack design can stimulate and strengthen customer shopping through the display of clothing, and it is also the basic facility for salespersons to provide customers with high -level services. Therefore, the design of the display rack design is the main content of the store. No matter what method is adopted, it should be able to form a convenient effect of sales, adjustment, and convenient management.


1. The quality, height, and spacing of the display rack should be appropriate.

The clothing store can choose a steel or aluminum display rack widely used in the retail industry, generally about 1 meter long and 1.6 meters high. Determine the number of display racks according to the size of the space in the store, and place a combination. Under normal circumstances, the display of the clothing store should not be less than 3 rows, and small -area shops can be used 3 ~ 6 rows, and it is neatly arranged. The spacing of the display rack should be about 1.5 meters, which is suitable for the width of the main and secondary channels to ensure the passenger flow (generally 1.6 meters of the main channel is 1.6 meters, and the lower channel is 1.2 meters). The shape of the display cabinet should be basically uniform, that is, the same size, the consistency of the material, and the same form, forming a clean and orderly shopping environment.

2. Make full use of space.

The display rack design should ensure that the product has appropriate area and space, and can effectively separate the space display space, properly match sales techniques to promote product sales. Generally speaking, the display rack can be divided into four sections of the upper, middle, and lower sections. Generally speaking, the products displayed in the previous paragraph are generally products with fashion elements and are the products that operators intentionally prominent. The middle part is the position closest to the eyes of customers. The easiest place to observe and touch is also known as the golden part of the display rack. The exhibition is generally profitable, its own brand products, exclusive agents or distribution. It is usually 80-90 cm from the ground. In the next paragraph, the main display of gross profit is mainly displayed, and it has entered the quarter -changing product, the products with low profits and the supplementary products that have been eliminated by the trend.


3. The display rack material can be selected appropriately.


With the development of modern technology, the display rack materials are no longer limited to traditional wood, metal (steel, iron), etc. Many high -tech and more beautiful materials are also used for display rack design, providing designers with a broader broader broader Selection space. For example, the tendency to use glass reinforcement instead of wood and use organic glass instead of glass. Therefore, in order to improve the level of indoor image design, the clothing brand store operators should put forward corresponding requirements when considering the function and morphological modern requirements of the display rack.