How can I go to the beach in the summer, how can I not wear a swimsuit to show a figure. Hurry up, follow me to see the following wave of beautiful Korean split small incense wind swimsuit!


01 Korean split small incense wind swimsuit

The mysterious black combination of exquisite printing, this color gives women a simple and chic gas field. The folds of the intersection of the chest can effectively cover the auxiliary breasts, and make the chest more three -dimensional, the chest shape is more upright. Favorite.

“” “” “” “” “Summer is here, put on a beautiful swimsuit to the beach!


02 Korean Xiaoxiangfeng Hot Spring Swimsuit

This simple Korean small incense hot spring swimsuit, beautiful prints make you elegant and cute, without losing sweetness! There are two pieces of conservative split body. The built -in chest pads have the effect of gathered chest shape, safe triangular swimming trunks, abdomen and hips, and outline the charming curve.

03 Xiaoxiangfeng small breasts gathered swimsuit

A small incense wind and small breasts gathered in a small woman with a thick little woman. The top is a very cute small shirt style. The red chiffon and the white print are beautiful. Pants can also be worn separately!

04 Three -piece skirt -style small incense wind swimsuit


Korean three -piece skirt -style small incense wind swimsuit, the word of the ruffled edge collar top, the fairy fairy, with the refreshing and clean white elegant and fluttering, the floral skirt pants are playful and cute, the shoulder strap has elasticity, it will not fall off It is a very personality and stylish style.


05 Lotus Leaf Small Fragrance Wind Swimsuit

I love this lotus leaf small incense wind swimsuit, the design is really beautiful, the black lace -up neck bows, white lotus leaf plus black edges, full of immortality, swimming skirt design and sexy legs showing legs showing legs showing legs and showing legs showing legs and showing legs. Long, super beautiful.

06 striped split swimsuit

The clever combination of the horizontal and vertical of the swimsuit stripes show a good figure. The two brings out the romantic and elegant stunning. The built -in steel bracket effectively gathers the chest to make the chest more round and plump, and easily shape the S -shaped good figure line.


Summer is here, hurry up and put on a beautiful swimsuit to play with the body!