Located in Amsterdam’s West District, the only tram station in the Netherlands that maintained its original state after renovation, became a creative new landmark DA Hallen -public library, food market, movie theaters, design hotels and apartments, jeans, boutique stores, independent shops, independent shop Gallery and underground bicycle parking lots are gathered here, and the creative markets every weekend have attracted the arrival of countless tide people in the city.


The De Hallen comprehensive building complex was successively built between 1901 and 1928. It was originally used as the first batch of maintenance bases for Amsterdam’s first tram in the early 20th century. As the city’s industrial relics and national historical protection buildings, the entire building complex presents a promenade structure. The long channel connects Bilderdijk Kade and the Tenkatestraat market. In fact, the proposal of the reconstruction of this abandoned industrial relic was proposed as early as the 1990s. Some architects used the London Caowen Special Garden as a reference to hope that the country’s protection of buildings protected into new uses into a new type of commercial area.

However, the entire transformation process is frequent. The new de Hallen reserves a strong industrial characteristics, and the promenade forms the ideal place for the city’s fashion show and the red carpet of the film festival. This huge indoor comprehensive space is also an excellent case for the sustainable development of the city -most of the merchants and enterprises in it are environmentally friendly and waste reuse to support the concept of sustainable development from the action.

Filmhallen | The latest old cinema

Although it can be called one of Amsterdam’s latest cinema, the theater in De Hallen is the same as Amsterdam’s oldest cinema. This theater was founded in September 2014 and has 9 independent screening halls. The seventh screening hall is called “Paris”. As a part of the Vondlpark of the Museum of Film Museum, its interior design is an artistic style full of historical sense. The original part of the movie theater “Paris Cinema”.


Filmhallen’s cinema lounge has the feeling of old -fashioned stations. This picture is taken by Lu Yang

The cinema lounge located outside the screening hall has the retro atmosphere of the old station. You can watch many latest Hollywood films and some international awards or independent films in Filmhallen. The film festivals and special events held from time to time are also worthy of participation.

Local Goods Store | Independent Tide

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to participate in Dehallen’s weekend market. This tide shop called Local Goods Store can find a lot of weird design boutiques. The principle of selection in the store is “young tide cards” and “local design”. From various clothing, handicrafts to home accessories, toys, and food, everything is omnipotent. The small design work room on the second floor also has energy tailor -made clothing.

You can find a large number of local designer brand products in Local Goods Store

FOODHALLEN | Food Bazaar

Food Hallen, the food market, occupies the huge space of Dehallen. Mr. Zhong, one of the founders of the market, is the third -generation Chinese diaspora. After he traveled to the San Miguel market in Madrid, Spain and the Boroug HMARKET in London, he decided to “make the present and eat”, eat now, ” The concept of “International Food Stall” was brought to Amsterdam.

In the evening, the food market is already crowded, and people hold wine glasses at will. From one booth to another stall -Dutch fried balls, Italian pizza, Vietnamese rice noodles, Chinese snacks … Various food fingers are big verb: move.

Denim City | Jeans Academy


Entering this special “jeans city”, in front of it is the wall full of denim fabrics, rows of sewing machine workbench, and jeans washing and processing room. This is not only the production workshop of jeans, but also the unique jeans training college. Here, students can participate in the three -year -old denim fabric research and practice courses, and systematically learn the whole process of designing and making denim clothing. Every afternoon, the old denim clothing will be re -designed and produced into a practical workshop with new products such as cushion, bags, and pillows.

Hotel de Hallen | Modern Design Hotel

Both the industrial style and artistic atmosphere in the hotel are strong

This four -star design hotel is also one of the unique highlights of this industrial relic -high -top sky, creating a wide and transparent feeling. Various devices with artistic sense are furnished in the public areas of the hotel, full of full area, full of filled the hotel, full of full area, full of filled the hotel, full of full area, full of full area, full of filled the hotel, full of full area, full of full area, full of filled the hotel, full of filled the hotel, full of filled the hotel, full of filled the hotel, full of filled the hotel, full of full area, full full Scandinavian tone retro furniture and contemporary art make up a harmonious symphony. These furniture and artwork were carefully selected by the hotel owner Arjen Vandenhof and interior designer Marcovan Veldhuizen. The 55 rooms perfectly retain the strong industrial relics. The modern restaurant Remise 47 supplies generations of generations, and can also enjoy the original cocktail here.