The three major attachments to photography often said in the mouth of photography enthusiasts: photography bags, flash, and three tripods.

Many photography users, especially some users who have just got on the camera, are gradually enriching with the subject matter, and various accessories will gradually be put on the purchase list and schedule. Among them, a tripod is a number of photography enthusiasts who first think of the accessories to the purchase after purchasing the camera and photography bag. After all, when shooting scenery, night scenes, delay photography and other themes, the tripod is a very important accessory, and even many scenery photography enthusiasts described: “A good photography work cannot be separated from the tripod.”

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

So, how to choose a tripod that suits you? It is mainly considered from the aspects of budget, usage scenarios, matching with equipment, and usage scenarios.

· How to choose a tripod

First, it is a budget. The three tripods under different prices and different functionality, the practicality and stability are also very different. The price of a tripod may be tens of yuan to 100 yuan, and the price may cost 5,000 yuan. In addition, the price gap between professional -level photography tripods and ordinary civilian tripods is also very large. Therefore, like buying a camera, budget is very important. Choosing the right product according to the price range you can bear is the first.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

Second, the use of a tripod. There are also a lot of differences in the use of a tripod. For example, some scenery photographers will carry the tripod with a tripod to find the shooting scenery. Some tripods in some studio are used in fixed positions, mainly used for commercial or still -static shooting.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

Different scenes determine the choice of tripod. For example, when choosing a tripod, the scenery photographer first considers a lightweight and portable tripod; while the commercial photographer in the studio chooses a tripod to not consider portability, and will choose the most stable tripod products.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

Again, can you bring the plane. Many scenery photographers need to take a plane or train frequently to shoot. When choosing a tripod, they will consider the length of the tripod storage. Because the airline has a strict limit on the length of the luggage (between 40-55cm), these are one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a tripod. After all, although the tripod is strong, some collisions will cause damage to the tripod. The best way to travel.

Finally, the tripod should match the device. Choose a tripod to consider according to your commonly used photography equipment. If you use a micro -single camera, convenient camera, or mobile phone with a very light volume and weight, then choose a small portable tripod.

If your daily use equipment is professional cameras, such as professional micro -single cameras such as Canon EOS R5 or Nikon Z7 II, or SLR cameras such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Nikon D850 Large tube diameter tripods with good loadability and stability.

· Classification and characteristics of a tripod

At present, there are many types of tripods sold in the market. Before buying a tripod, we must first understand the characteristics and parameters of this tripod, which will affect our experience of the tripod. Here, we simply summarize different types of tripods.

The three tripods can be divided into the following categories:

1. High -strength plastic:

Plastic tripods are generally desktop -level small tripods. The advantages are cheap and light weight, but the durability and load -bearing are relatively poor.

2. Iron tripod:

This type of tripod is very heavy and the price is relatively cheap, but the durability is average, but the stability is very good. Generally, it is used in the environment of the studio or the studio.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

3. Aluminum -magnesium alloy:

The durability and stability of this material of this material are very good. The disadvantage is that the weight is heavier and the portability is slightly worse. However, aluminum -magnesium alloy triplets are relatively cost -effective, which is also more suitable for indoor or in the studio.

4. Carbon fiber:

The weight of the carbon fiber tripod is very light, the stability is excellent, and the durability is also very high. It is suitable for the use of various environments. It is currently the best tripod on the market. However, the price of carbon fiber tripods is generally higher, suitable for user choices with more budgets.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The tripod can be divided into the following categories from the size of the foot tube:

The maximum foot tube diameter:

It is divided into 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the tube, the greater the load bearing capacity of the three tripods, and the better the stability.

Number of foot tubes:

The number of common tripods on the market can be divided into 3, 4, and 5 sections. Generally speaking, the three tripods of the three tubes are the strongest, but the portability is poor; the stability of the three tripod tripods is relatively weaker, but it is more portable after storage.

Foot tube lock:

The tripod lock of the tripod is divided into buckle and knob types. The advantage of the buckle type is that the speed is fast, the adjustment operation is convenient, but the stability is relatively average. The knob -type lock is slower, but the stability is stronger. For professional photographers, they generally choose a tripod of a knob -type lock. After all, it is the most important thing to ensure stability of shooting.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The three tripods are equipped with a gimbal:

Three -dimensional gimbal:

The characteristics of this type of gimbal are very accurate positioning. There are three regulatory controllers. Three different reliable locks are used to determine the direction of the camera. The bearing capacity of Sanwei Miyogai is very good and stable, but the size is large, the portability is very low, and the operation is slightly cumbersome. It is more suitable for commercial shooting.

Ballo -shaped gimbal:

Although the positioning accuracy and stability are not as good as the three -dimensional cloud, it is excellent in load. The ball -shaped gimbal is smaller, more portable, and simpler operation at the same time, suitable for most photography enthusiasts.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

In addition to the above content, it is also necessary to consider the height, load -bearing capacity, and applicable environment of a tripod. The height of the tripod and load is naturally not used. The two are related to the experience and stability of the use. The applicable environment is the test of the three tripods to undergo a special environment. For example, shooting in the desert and shooting by the beach or stream, this requires the tripod to have a very good anti -corruption ability and wear resistance. one.

· Tripod selection and recommendation

The recommendation of the tripod is mainly based on the products within 1,000 yuan, mainly for the choice of the majority of photography enthusiasts.

1. Weifeng WT-3520 aluminum alloy tripod

Weifeng WT-3520 tripod is only sold for 58 yuan. The tripod is made of aluminum alloy, the lock is buckled, the storage is 57cm, 1.4m after the expansion, the three-dimensional gimbal, etc. , But it is enough to support the camera.

Weifeng WT-3520 tripod is very suitable for entry-level users. It is suitable for entry-level dial-back kit and micro-single camera. The cost performance is extremely high.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

2. Dingjie TR-564 lightweight tripod

The TR-564 lightweight tripod is still a product that focuses on portable. It is also the first choice for entry users. It is suitable for micro-single and small DV tripods. The TR-564 lightweight tripod is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy, and the lock of the tubes is a buckle type. Because the tripod is mainly lightweight, the support for large photography equipment is not high, and the stability is slightly lacking.

3. Bacono IS05 lightweight tripod

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

Beno’s entry tripod, which is very suitable for entry users, suitable for small cameras such as micro -single and small DVs. Beno IS05 tripod also uses aluminum alloy material, but the ackles are anode oxide and spray paint on the tripod, which extended the lifepan of the tripod to a certain extent. In addition, the central axis of Beno IS05 can be removed, and connecting with the mobile phone can become a mobile phone selfie rod.

4. Bacono IT19 reverse folding cannabers

Beno IT19 belongs to the Beno ITRIP series aluminum alloy tripod, which uses a reflective storage method. Beno IT19 uses magnesium alloy material, the foot tube is 5 design, the lock uses a knob type, which is more stable to use.

Beno IT19 is equipped with spherical gimbal. Its load can support SLR cameras, micro -single cameras, and support for Da Sanyuan. It is very suitable for entry photography enthusiasts.

5. Siri E1005A+G12 tripod

Siri E1005A+G12 tripod also adopts a reflective storage method. The tripod uses aluminum -magnesium alloy material, which is not only high in strength, but also excellent portability.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The highest height of the Siri E1005A+G12 tripod is 1.49 meters, which can be maximum load -bearing 10kg. It is also equipped with a 360 -degree panoramic cloud platform. The price of less than 400 yuan is extremely cost -effective. It is also a tripod suitable for entry photography enthusiasts.

6. Manbili MPT-284 tripod

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The Manbilia MPT-284 tripod is made of aluminum alloy material, 4 section scoop tube design, the buckle lock is a knob type, and the highest load bearing of the tripod can support the SLR camera and the long-focus lens.

The central axis of the Manbilia MPT-284 tripod has a special design. Not only can the middle shaft be shot horizontally, but also the three-footed tripod and mountaineering stick can be used. It can be said that the function is very rich.

In addition, the Manbilia MPT-284 tripod also has another Manbilia MPT-284C model. The three tripods are made of carbon fiber. The weight is lighter and easier to carry.

7. FOTOPRO E-5C+FPH-52Q carbon salamander lightweight tripod

Futubao E-5C three-section is designed with a maximum development height of 1718mm. The three tripods are made of carbon fiber, which is very light weight and is very suitable for carrying.

The FPH-52Q multifunctional gimbal with a tripod with a tripod has a maximum load-bearing bearing 8 kg. It supports 360-degree panoramic-view. The sphere has a professional lock. You can flexibly adjust the shooting angle

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

8. Manfu Mkeleb5CF-BH Element series Large reflective carbon fiber tripod

Manfu Element series contains two models: small and large models. The material is divided into two types: aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Manfu Mkeleb5CF-BH heights to 164cm height, which can withstand the weight of the maximum 8kg, not only sturdy and durable, but also provides the stability of shooting. Therefore, if your budget is sufficient, Manfu Mkeleb5CF-BH large carbon fiber tripod is worth recommending.

9. Siri R2204+G20KX carbon fiber tripod

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The Siri R2204 tripod is made of carbon fiber, the number of foot tubes is 5 sections, the storage size is 38cm, and the development height is 141cm. The Siri R2204 tripod uses Siri’s new type of locking system. The new card spring design is more stable than the old model and has a longer life.

In addition, the Siri R2204 tripod football can also be disassembled and turned into a single tripod or a mountaineering stick.

最全的三脚架选购指南 只要这一篇就够了

The above is a tripod product recommended by this article. The products are mainly based on the products of thousands of yuan. I hope it will be helpful to you.