This year’s spring is much earlier than last year. The entire Spring Festival holiday has always been warm. There is still Nanfengtian in February. I put on a T -shirt early, thin coats, thin clothes, and shoes should keep up. To say that the items in spring, there are too many options compared to autumn and winter. Today, this issue summarizes 8 pairs of single shoes. It is versatile and not picky.


Maryzhen shoes/grandma shoes/ballet shoes

Maryzhen shoes, originally from the heroine in the movie “Buster Brown” wearing straps and buckle shoes, named Mary Jane with the heroine, a round head, a retro buckle with a strap back, a sweetness. Bow, with

The naiveness of the little girl

It can be said that Mary Zhen shoes are also

Girly heart

symbol of.


The low age of shoe round heads. After the evolution of the times, its style design has also been diversified.

Narrow and sharp

There are also variants

2 bands and cross -strap


Miss Zhong

How much do you love Maryzhen shoes? A pair of different designs of black Maryzhen accompanied her to wear from spring and summer to autumn and winter ▼.


Blue+Red, Black+Red Ding Fan Group Spring and Summer Simple and Leisure Person, you can also take it out to taste it ~

The retro and elegant French girl with Mary Zhen’s shoes, so you will find that it is particularly suitable for various retro skirts, such as plaids and ripples, with a playful literary girl atmosphere.

The elegant temperament of Maryzhen shoes has been online. It can make professional items such as commute shirts, suits, wide -leg pants, etc., which will not be too rigid, but reflect a gentle momentum that can be attacked.

If Maryzhen shoes are retro girls, then grandma’s shoes belong to

Elegant lady

, Grandma shoes bias



, Special suitable


ONE PIECE long skirt, A -line knee skirt

, French Lady and Japanese style are indispensable.

Super comfortable dwarf root, can also match

Jeans, small white pants



French lazy intellectual style

Dingfan combination can be copied.

Small V -shaped, exposing a large area of ​​the feet, plus a little short heel support, can be called a sister who is lengthened from the body. You see how much Peta is spoiled every day.


Ballet shoes and Mary Zhen shoes and grandma shoes belong to


Light, elegant, gentle

, But ballet shoes look more “


Xiaojiabiyu type


Mild and light


There is a kind of obedience

Miss next door

It feels that it is playful and dynamic to work and commute to work, and the old -age mature women will also have the age of age. ▼

Love Shoes/Oxford Shoes


Compared to gentle and elegant, there are a lot of little cuteness like me like me like me

Leisure comfort and restrained

Dress it,

Minimalist wind, oversize

Wearing it always comes with loafers and Oxford shoes.

These two shoes are not as tender like Mary Zhen shoes and grandma shoes, which are like water, partial



The appearance, controlling all kinds of leisure wind is not losing the air field at all. If you see the posture of pockets and cigarettes, it is a pair



The chic gesture, the confident woman is super charming.

Western style is not so formal, the office is casual, and+jeans and shirts and suits are also very adjusted.

Japanese skirt+silhouette jacket, sometimes the temperament is “too confused”, a pair of loafers can help you back back to the dry gas field.

Spring is steep, and Lefu shoes and Oxford shoes can also be worn with socks. Not only are they reducing age, but it is quite interesting to retro academy with different colors.

Daddy shoes/sneakers/canvas shoes

To say who is a model of casual sports shoes and canvas shoes, I am afraid that the Japanese style is on the list. Various pants and skirts can be used with these casual sports shoes.


You see, one day the office workers do not want to pretend to be reserved, and the straight skirt can also wear Japanese aesthetics with sports shoes.

Although the sports shoes are comfortable, after all, spring and summer are hot, and the sports shoes must be light and breathable in order to have a breathing feeling from the inside out. Those daddy shoes and sneakers of those soles of sole are bulky, and the toe is round.

Little white shoes are at the atmosphere group in spring and summer. The professional clothes for work are too dull and dull. You may wish to replace high -heeled shoes and pointed shoes with a pair of fresh and dazzling white shoes, which can increase the overall lightness and lively office atmosphere.


With long skirts or short girls, I am always worried about the problem of not being neat enough. At this time, you can use shoes that are consistent with the color of the top. There is a sense of visual extension on the vertical direction, and the temperament is high.

I introduced to you so many spring shoes that are worth choosing in spring. You will find that comfortable and fashionable can also coexist.