China on April 24th. Recently, the Qinghe community of Guoxiang Street launched a “ingenious painting canvas bag, environmental protection” bag “home” activity to inherit the green culture of the community and enrich the spiritual life of residents.

巧绘帆布袋 环保“袋”回家

After the event, the speaker introduced the serious harm of white pollution, and also introduced the relevant knowledge of garbage classification. It specially introduced the benefits of canvas bags and the use of canvas bags.Later, volunteers distributed canvas bags, pencils, rubber and watercolors and other tools to children and parents. The children are eager to try, or copy or create environmentally friendly patterns.Green but full of emotions, drawing your favorite pattern with the help of volunteers and parents.

Relying on the painting of canvas bags this event, the concept of environmental protection concept and scientific development has been further promoted, which significantly enhances the ideological and moral cultivation of community residents and the quality of science and culture.Going into people’s hearts.(Wu Jie)