Netizens have you in your life: Several friends around you decorate the net red paint plate materials used by new homes. Is this material easy to use? Is the price expensive?

Qi Yilong decorative designer Qi Haitong: At present, with light luxury, simple style, simple and stylish lacquer boards are loved by consumers, there is a trend of becoming a net red. The substrate, the surface is grilled by sixty to nine times, the upper paint, drying, and polishing high temperature. Because there are many processes required for production, its price is much higher than ordinary wooden boards.


Advantages: Compared with traditional plates, its paint film adhesion, surface hardness and paint film brightness significantly improved. Therefore, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the color is bright and easy to shape, and it has a strong visual impact. , Also have a mirror feeling, which can supplement the light indoor; the effect of waterproof and moisture and moisture is very good, easy to clean up.

Disadvantages: complex craftsmanship, high prices; afraid of bumping, impact to strong acid, strong alkali, are more delicate materials. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair it, and it is necessary to replace it as a whole.

The gloss of the high -light paint plate can reach more than 90%, which can make up the light indoors, so that the room has a higher grade, but it should be noted that the use of a large area may have a glare, and at the same time, it is easy to leave fingerprints on the surface and poor dirt resistance. The matte paint plate is more resistant to the high -light paint plate; the UV paint plate has the characteristics of wear -resistant water resistance and long service life; the piano paint plate has a bright color, which can bring a strong visual impact, and the same price is higher. China Business Daily reporter Guo Quanliang

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