Hi, hello younger sisters!

This is your little cute master ~

How do sisters live this New Year?


I’m eating fragrant and spicy anyway

Don’t mention more leisure every day


(I know you must eat fat)

But beauty will not think of these

Every day I dressed very delicately

Then go out for a date or meet a friend

Like when I match at home

I turned it out and I was idle and I was idle


I have n’t carried a bag for a long time

In fact, it is quite new

I don’t like it after a few times

(Beautiful women like the new and hate the old)

(CR@Xingxing is not an orangutan)




How to save these


I don’t like the bag that I don’t like a few times?

In fact, with a bag of small pendants


Can solve this problem perfectly!



Bag small pendant

Can bring fun to monotonous bags

The key is also very good. RUA is super soft ~

With these cute small pendants


The bag becomes lively ~

Next is the time of the adult Lord’s Amway time

There will be the one you like!

Cute little flower is suitable for cute girls

Put on a solid color bag is the highlight

It’s so cheap to have all one


Based on the color of the bag or clothes on the day

Come with different colors

I wish the pendant of the classy is also very suitable for sisters

Hang “all things smoothly” on your body

Naturally, you will have good luck ~

There are many short sentences in addition to everything

Sisters can enter the store page

Choose the one you like ~

This small pendant is more interesting

Can also be used to make small pendants of couples


Two people wearing sick clothes


And their own outpatient cards

This is too personal haha ​​~


Although it is made of soft silicone

But don’t worry about becoming dirty at all


Wet the scarf is clean as soon as you wipe it ~

Little Shiba Inu who incarnates into Digimon

Another cuteness is added to the bag

The key is that it is soft and easy to touch


Such a cute little pendant


It is suitable for hanging on the schoolbag

It’s good to have the same paragraph with girlfriends and sisters

This is also a fluffy piglet

There are two types of pork head and pig fart


In addition to being able to make a pendant, there is an chest needle model

Pig fart is used to make brooches


You can hang the pig head on the bag

Don’t fart on the clothes ~

You can also have a couple with your boyfriend!

Such a cute little thing is fast to have ~

This small pendant is more special

In fact, it is an embroidered cloth strip

It is more suitable for tie canvas bags ~

And embroidery text and words


Very suitable for more literary girls


Add some color to your canvas bag ~


Cute and love biscuit+chocolate

I love this color scheme


Especially suitable for autumn and winter chocolate!

Bell+Bear Biscuits+Chocolate

It looks fun and “delicious”

I am also very cute to make a keychain ~


Simulation fruit small pendants are even more cute

This one is actually more suitable for the keychain


I just want to eat when I look at it ~

And you can also use false truths


People who don’t know see

I thought I had a fruit on the bag

The same is also a small printed small pendant

This is red with gold

It looks very happy

And the skin

Words with hot bronze concave

It looks very textured ~


This is very suitable for the year of the tiger

But this is

Material package

Sisters who need clever souls

It is more meaningful to complete it yourself ~

Except for Xiao Tiger’s style


There are also different types of zodiac signs

Not the sister of this year

You can also arrange your own subordinates!

Who can refuse a cute kitten?

This resin pendant is a simulation kitten

Several different forms are super cute!

Plush penguin dolls are too q


Make people wear a small yellow hat and carry a schoolbag

Japanese elementary school students who go to school ~

A little shark pendant is very funny

Shark expression is embroidered

Looking at it, it seems like a roar


Very suitable for us to work ~

That’s right, I’m still hungry!

Fried chicken legs and Oliang roasted wings can also be used as pendants

Actually simulation

It’s too interesting to hang on the bag ~

Smile big teeth Pig and pigs with cuteness

The mood is really easy to be cured by it


Bring by your side for your mood ~

Today’s small pendant to the sisters Amway

I think it’s super cute

Is it our girl?

I like these small things in the flowers ~