Share a story about teeth today, unique angle, lively and interesting, and unexpected, children will definitely like it.

Huck and Dick are a brother, oh, the photos are both.

However, the head of his two is small, and after hundreds of thousands of magnification, there will be a big bit below.


Huck lives in Dick’s next door, the tooth hole on the teeth is their home,


The house is the two of their brothers to build themselves.

Huck put his home very comfortable, but he rarely stayed at home.

He is busy all day long, and there is no time to finish the bed.


The cabinet in Huck is full of gangli blocks.

He also has a treasure chest, which is a variety of candies.

These candies have been stained in the teeth, and Hacker has moved allocated.

Huck is a work mad, the candy in the treasure chest is stacked into a hill, he still doesn’t rest.


I will introduce you to this “candied mountain”!


Yellow is lemon sugar, brown is coffee candy,

Chocolate candy, orange large block is fragrant, and purple small pieces are chetosa.

As for those white, it is obviously the white sugar on the biscuit!


At this time, Dick is sitting in a rocking chair, he just completed a big project. Look, a new entrance has appeared. That is the entrance to Dick’s new storage room.

The door of the entrance is also sewn, put it on the table. Dick is comfortable with “Coco Coco” – hot can be cocoaful to a drink.


In order to ensure that you can drink this drink at any time, Dick also designed a pipeline device that brought the beverage savings on the roof. He wants to drink “Coco Coco”, just unscrew the faucet on the pipeline, immediately get a cup full of “Coco Coco”. When he shaken it on the rocking chair, it was very careful, and he was afraid that the beloved drink was sprinkled.


This is a schematic, you can clearly see how the beverage flows into the room.

Dick lived on the 1st Dental Street, Huck lived on the 2nd Dental Street. Their home is behind the dog teeth.


Huck is busy taking a teeth.

This is a new teeth that have just been long, so there is no surrounding teeth.

He worked on the rain, suddenly, he felt that there was a wind blowing.

Hack knows, there will be new foods to go into the teeth street.

He quickly withdrew his home, and I was eager to wait for a delicious thing with Dick.

Soon, the brothers saw the seductive chocolate to be rolled up by the tongue, throwing into the saliva.


A piece of chocolate is just in the door of Dick.


The brothers called tacit understanding, “Hey! Hey!” Shouting the number, pulling this chocolate, and pulled the Dick House. When they put the trophy, the two are tired of sweating.

After they put chocolate into the storage room, only half of the space left in this new storage room. In order to supplement physical strength, in order to celebrate, Hack and Dick have a piece of chocolate, and eat it.


One day, a piece of food was plugged directly into the Hacker. Seeing the food sent to the door, Hacker is more happy.

He feels that this food is like orange lollipops, and I want to have a good taste, so I am full of joy. Who knows, the more you feel, the more you feel. It turns out that this is a cheese, and Huck can’t eat this.


Huck was seriously ill, I can’t get the bed for a few days.

Dick at home takes care of Hak, can’t work, and their expansion plan is suspended for a while.

After Huck’s disease, the brothers re-planned the plan.

They want to be reconstructed for all teeth and rental.

Huck has gone a loud name to the new teeth street, just called: “Delicious Caries”!


They plan to dig empty holes in the last side, modulate it into a swimming pool.

The brothers think that the tenants will definitely like this facility,

Rent of the carote street must be set high. They have to be a successful businessman!


The above tooth is built into an office building, which is the property building.

Huck is the chairman of the property company, Dick, will be a vice chairman.


If this great plan can achieve it as soon as possible!


But they are clear, to achieve this entrepreneurial dream, there is still a long way to go.

One day, a terrible thing happened: a huge brush rushed into the teeth street, and a lot of teeth were still sitting on the brush.

The tooth police have a pungent taste, which makes Huck and Dick feel uncomfortable.

The teeth police quickly jumped from the brush and spread into the perspectives of the dental street.

They carefully examined every gap and cleaned every health and dead angle, and finally the door card took away.


Pastry, chocolate, meat, fruit, vegetables, ice cream and chroles in debris!

Once the tooth police found them, they will quickly clean it, until these debris is completely melted and disappeared.


Huck and Dick’s room have also been searched, and their food is found.

Fortunately, their brothers react quickly, escaping this robbery.

The teeth police left the Huac’s treasure chest.

The hard work, this is destroyed by the teeth police.

All efforts are in white!


Fortunately, Dick’s new storage room was not discovered.

Many losses hanging the curtains, and the chocolate inside is scared.


The brothers decided to dig more deeper this storage room, so you can put more food inside.


They can only use chocolate to fill the hunger, and all the nutrients can’t keep up. So the body becomes weak, I can only do a while.

A few days later, the protective layer above the dental nectus was also excavated.


The brothers have a big enough, they reappeared the chocolate.


This nerves can’t stand it, and it began to send a rescue signal to the brain.

The brain received the signal, knowing that someone built a violation building in the teeth, but it could not directly stop this, but he had to swollen, and told people in this way: someone is doing bad things in the mouth!

The mouth opened, a bunch of shines into the teeth street. Huck and Dick were taken out of his eyes. A hook stretched back and walked away from the sofa of the Hacker. Then, this hook hangs the bed, treasure chest, cabinet, carpet …

Finally, even the brothers and handsome photos were also hang!


Another hook stretched in and filledd a lot of things similar to clay in the Huck home.

The teeth on this picture below are the hack past Alexo.


This teeth have accepted the treatment of dentists. It seems like a new tooth, is sparkling.


The third hook is equipped with anesthetic, and it drops two drops in Dick. It turned out that this teeth have been completely emptied, can’t be repaired, only unplugged.


The glare came in again, and the pliers clamped this teeth.

The pliers swayed to both sides, then suddenly moved by hard …

good! Unplug! Now that the teeth and dog teeth are empty, Dick disappeared with bad teeth.

Huax suddenly jumped like a ray, he was very urgently knocked with a hammer and shouted while knocking: “No one can stop us from expanding the teeth street! We have to empty every teeth! Everything is us!”


Just when he madly beat his teeth, it stretched in a hook.


Oh! The arrogant Huck is also hang!

The teeth street recovered the calm of the past.

The teeth have just chewed a vitamin carrot, you need to take a break.


What? Do you really think that teeth should be a housing? No, no …


The food must be broken by the teeth, the stomach can digest them well.

If the teeth are broken, they can’t bite food, and the stomach will soon eat.

Dental police now often go to the teeth street to patrol, they feel that it is just as comfortable in their own home.

What will you do if you encounter a little thing like Huck and Dick?

Want to know if Huac and Dick’s fall? follow me……


When the dentist rinsing the hook, Dick and Hack have been rushed to the sewage.

They took the drain to a river, and then drifted along this river and drifted to the Mediterranean.


Since then, they are sunbatied on the beach, chatting, and no more troublesome.

Ok, the story is over.


After listening to the story, the smart children will definitely know how to do it to do bad things like Huac and Dick in our mouth!