What is happiness? Different people in different times will have different answers. As the saying goes, “people use food as the sky”, the ancestors have clouds: “There are many years of abundant years, there are also high -end.” The happiness in one meal and one vegetable is eternal. However, many modern people are far from the kitchen due to the harmful health of oil fume, the kitchen too sultry, the noise of the hood and the roar of the hood, and the mood. On June 20, Fang Tai held an annual new product launch conference with the theme of “Happy Wisdom” in Shanghai. At the press conference, Fang Tai launched a new product with a strong power hood -Fang Tai’s new generation of smart wind wipest cube, strong power, so that the kitchen oil fume can now be available, a soft voice, and provides you with a comfortable cooking environment. In the dual protection of “net” and “quiet”, it will give you a happy wisdom to your family.

Strong power but quiet and unexpectedly

方太2018新品发布会推出全新一代智能风魔方 兼顾不跑烟和少打扰

As we all know, the oil fume effect has always been an important reference indicator for consumers to buy range hoods. The excellent fuel smoke effect is inseparable from the powerful power system of the range hood. Just like a good engine, it can provide sufficient motivation for the car. The new generation of smart wind cube launched by Fang Tai uses DC inverter motors. With the blessing of the new snail shell rotation design, the maximum air volume can reach 22m³/min*, and the maximum static voltage can reach 820Pa*, providing surging power for the range hood. The new generation of smart wind cube is equipped with the stove table, air inlet, snail mouth, and air outlet four -point line, full accelerated direct discharge system to make the oil fume absorption process without turning, and quickly throw out the oil fume with strong power; the automatic cruise system can be based on the public according to the public The smoke drainage resistance of the flue automatically adjusts the air volume to ensure that the smoke discharge is unimpeded.

For the range hood, power and noise are a pair of natural contradictions. It is difficult to improve the power. Based on this, it is even more difficult to reduce noise. Surprisingly, the new generation of Smart Wind Cube balanced between power and noise. The integrated snail shell design adopted by the new generation of Smart Wind Cube can reduce the resistance of the hood and effectively reduce the noise. The quiet experience of the library.

Intelligent configuration is just right

When the intelligentization of kitchen appliances becomes a development trend, people are more needed to bring smart products that can bring happiness. The new generation of intelligent wind wipest cube linked, automatic cruise pressure, and kitchen air steward function can bring the right intelligent experience to users Essence Many people often forget to start the range hood when cooking. At this time, the new generation of smart wind cube can automatically turn on the range hood while monitoring the stove opening. The full -automatic opening and closing screen with a wide -angle design of the convertible inlet, intercept the spread of the oil fume in the 580mm golden tobacco control area, to achieve a large cage cigarette, strong effect to catch the smoke. If you catch up with the peak period of cooking, the unique automatic cruise pressure voltage mode can also automatically increase the oil fume according to the pressure of the public flue, and quickly exhaust the oil fume. Not only that, Fangtai’s new generation of smart wind cubes equipped with the five -heavy oil fume purification system can achieve up to 98%of the oil separation*, and return the clean air to nature.

Many people will install a new generation of smart wind cube when renovating a new house. The new houses that are just renovated often have harmful gases such as dust and formaldehyde. After monitoring harmful gases, kitchen air butler can automatically start a new generation of smart wind winds. Ghone in the kitchen to ensure that the air is fresh.

The excellent appearance is amazing

In terms of appearance, Fang Tai’s new generation of Smart Wind Cube is designed with orange -ringing large aperture, which is striking and smart at the same time as simple as the decorative axis of the alloy. Strong visual impact. The fashionable and simple aesthetic design can complement each other with any kitchen decoration style. With unique design, the new smart wind cube is better fit with the cabinet, making your kitchen more integrated.

In addition to the appearance, the unsightly lighting, the convenient and clean integrated internal cavity design, the rounded cigarette screen that prevents meet, and multiple intimate humanized designs, allowing the new generation of smart wind cube to bring users an unparalleled experience of use From appearance to performance to details, satisfying people’s pursuit of high -quality life.

方太2018新品发布会推出全新一代智能风魔方 兼顾不跑烟和少打扰

Innovate for happiness

Since its name in 2013, Fang Taifeng Rubik’s hood has been named for 55 consecutive months. The new generation of intelligent Wind Rubik’s cube launched by this conference was born from the previous generations, but redefined the “Wind Magic Cube”, which reflects Fang Tai’s spirit of innovation without restrictions and continuously breaking through his own innovative spirit.

Innovation is endless, but it cannot be innovated for innovation. Fang Tai always maintains a rational thinking about innovation. From “the source of innovation is conscience”, “the principle of innovation is a degree” to “the goal of innovation is happiness”, Fang Tai step by step Build your own innovative concept. Fang Tai’s new generation of Smart Wind Cube is the practice of this innovative view. The surging power and excellent performance protect the health of the family. The pleasant sound brings users a comfortable cooking experience. Get a happy experience and experience in cooking life.

方太2018新品发布会推出全新一代智能风魔方 兼顾不跑烟和少打扰

In the future, General Fang will continue to be driven by the new mission of “for the happiness of hundreds of millions of families”, based on the actual needs of each family, innovate and develop more beautiful products, provide users with more choices, help to promote to help users, and help to promote to help users, help to promote to help users, help to promote to help users, and help to promote to help users. The quality of life of Chinese kitchen is upgraded.

*820Pa; 22m³/min is limited to JQ01TB

*44DB measured in the laboratory environment

*98%oil separation is limited to jq01tb-h

*Do not run the cigarettes under the stipulated conditions of the laboratory, and no oil smoke escape from the naked eye

Fang Tai’s new generation of smart Wind Rubik’s new product new product appointment link:

方太2018新品发布会推出全新一代智能风魔方 兼顾不跑烟和少打扰

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