It’s time to Christmas, are you ready for your Christmas wear? Since it is Christmas, it must be red. The red jacket can add your vitality very much, and at the same time, it can make your skin look fair. Christmas “wearing red, not green”, these 5 coats are being favored, and they can easily wear fashionable temperament!

The little sister of the little man may wish to see the blogger’s dress, choose a short red jacket to match it! After all, the short shape is more suitable for a petite young lady. It can improve your waistline, so that the leg lines are stretched, so that the whole person looks more refreshing and generous.

The use of red as a color matching will be more suitable for Christmas. Of course, in daily life, red can also bring us a full sense of vitality, full of vitality, and its color saturation is relatively high, so it will make your skin look even more Flowing. At the same time, red can also bring you a more enthusiastic side, making the whole person look very vibrant.

The shape of the lapel can bring a little dignified atmosphere to this red jacket, add your personal aura, so that the little sister can also become a domineering queen. However, the lapel shape will be slightly old -fashioned. If the colors you choose are dull, then it is best not to integrate the design of the lapel.

We can use metal colors on the buttons on the chest, which can bring some gloss, and the combination of red and metallic colors is also quite harmonious, which will make you show a more delicate atmosphere.

You can choose high -waisted jeans to wear in the lower body. After all, this can improve your waistline, and we can put the upper body’s slim inside in the jeans to show their small waist, let the whole person look at the figure of the whole person’s figure Go up to bump.

In addition to this relatively simple short jacket, we can also choose to have a little cloak element, which can create a more playful and cute atmosphere, and it can also bring a very warm effect.

It is recommended that you choose a plaid dress in it, which will have a retro atmosphere, and then match a red cloak jacket outside, which can create a more individual side. Both retro and modern and have certain vitality elements, making the whole person look full of vitality.

Everyone remembers that when wearing such a relatively loose style, you can match a pair of black slim trousers or use leggings to match in the lower body. The legs look slender, and at the same time, it can be compared with the overall loose combination.

The double -breasted hair red jacket will be more suitable for the cold winter. Its warmth effect is particularly good, and the double -breasted shape has a little retro and modern atmosphere. You look more exquisite and stylish.

The loose tailoring really does not pick the figure. Even if the figure is a bit rich, you can try boldly, and the design like this is not only Christmas, even the New Year is completely possible, which can make you the most eye -catching one in the crowd.

Sister with a skinny body can consider the red short jacket of the cordyl velvet material. The material like this will be more velvete, so it will be soft and skin -friendly. However, this short coat is slightly integrated into a slim design, which requires higher lines on our shoulders and waist, so it will be more suitable for bone -sensitive and tall young ladies.

If you choose a short jacket, then we can match high -waist cropped pants in the lower body, and put on a pair of small black leather shoes, so that it can have a good effect. Leisure, properly revealing the skin of the calf, can make you more sexy charm.

When wearing a short coat, you can choose to unbutton the button to create a sense of casual casualness. If you buckle all the buttons, although the warmth effect can rise, it will look a little rigid.

The lady in the north can consider using the thick coat of lamb hair to match it. It also chooses the red color color, but the shape is very special. Because it is incorporated into the element of the bathrobe, the design of the large lapel will bring us a more casual feeling.

In addition, adding a belt to the waist can play a good effect, so that your waist can be presented better, and it looks slender and slim. In addition, we can match the red plaid skirt with the lower body, which can echo a certain echo with the red jacket.

What do you think of these red coats? Have you touched your heart? If you want to stand out on Christmas, try it, maybe you will bring you some surprises.

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