Why is there never a seat cover on a rich car? In fact, the reason is very simple.

For the current living standards, cars have entered each household, and we will take some protection measures for our beloved cars, such as solar membranes, flooring, foot pads, or seat covers and other protection tools. Essence Sometimes, no matter what circumstances, the bumps are very distressed by the bumps of our car owners. Whether it is a scratch or a stain. Well, I can’t wait for my car to love the car every day. It is not good at all, and there are interior decoration. Many friends will buy some small accessories after the new car returns. If you decorate your own decoration, you might as well put your favorite perfume bottle decoration and hanging decoration, and the seat cover of the seat. After all, it is good to clean it up for a long time, but for rich people, I don’t like to pretend very much. Basket cover, why do you care about your car or do they say that they don’t care about these things? In fact, the reason is very simple, and the riders silently removed after listening.

Of course, their money is more money than us, and I don’t care about those money, but in our opinion, it is to protect our car and actually care more than us. We all know that some models. The airbags are in the seats. On it, if we hold the seat with a seat cover, we cannot better protect our own safety when there is an accident, so we must be responsible for our own life safety and do not add those things that are unrelated. It is easy to clean and ignore the safety factors. Although it is said that the service life of our car seats is protected, it is not guaranteed to be safe. It seems that we are still different from those rich people’s thoughts. Essence

Our eyes do not have their long -term. Besides, most of the cars we buy now are leather seats. Why do we have to put another cloth? The leather is not more comfortable than the cloth seat. I don’t know what those people think. After knowing this reason, many car owner friends went back to remove such a seat. After all, their own safety is the most important, and others are clouds.

Some people are not accustomed to seat leather seats. For example, just sitting in summer or too hot after a long time, it is a bit cold in winter. The seats are heated by self -charged, which will become more and more comfortable. Besides, the leather seats are not as easy to break after a long time, or it is easier to dirty. Like leather shoes, you can wear it for a long time on the ground every day. Not to mention the car seat, and the leather seats are also very convenient. Here, our car merchants have made seat adjustments. The seats that can be assembled and disassembled, so it is more convenient to clean it, so don’t feel that it is not easy to clean and add a seat cover. There is no need.

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