If you are boring about the calm and orderly design of the current fashion circle, then Moschino will be able to activate your adrenaline from the unreasonable cards. The Moschino 2020 Early Spring Series Halloween Halloween Battle is still in sight. The 2020 spring and summer series reinterprets Picasso’s abstract paintings. This time, even the metal frame has not been let go.

Before the big show began, Moschino made a preheat. In the trailer video, the Moschino golden font was distorted into a golden picture frame, and he had appetite.

The public invitation letter in front of the show was also made into the shape of the color panel, and the paint was also applied realistic, and a brush with a logo decoration made us convinced that Jeremy Scott really took the creative hand this time this time. Stretching to those classic paintings.

At 8:30 pm local time, the Moschino 2020 spring and summer show officially kicked off at Palazzo Del Ghiaccio, Milan Ice Palace. Along with the models of the models from the golden picture frame, the Chinese clothing is full of decorative painting lines and gorgeous and colorful colors, and the iconic abstract hand pattern on the dress reveals the Babir Picasso. It turned out to be the inspiration muse this season.

As a result, various colors of flowers in Picasso’s famous paintings “Little Flower” appeared on the doll skirt of Stella Maxwell in the form of sequins and embroidery cloth stickers. Then, Stella Maxwell appeared in the shape of a black off -the -shoulder panties. The brisk and lively three -dimensional flowers had a sense of high -level sense of play.

1985 “Little Flower”

The guitar elements that appeared many times in the show, especially the three -dimensional guitar dresses on the upper body of the Kaia Gerber, paid tribute to Picasso’s sculpture guitar in 1912. At that time, most of the traditional sculpture works were people as the main character, and Picasso broke this tradition with the theme of guitar. And Jeremy Scott’s repeated use of guitar elements does not mean a rebellion from the calm and orderly fashion circle?

1912 “Guitar”

Picasso’s early charcoal paintings and sketches were also more intuitive in this season. Whether it is a “naked” woman who is exaggerated and huge, the exaggerated and huge picture frame is not broken without breaking the overall image printing suit. The body and lines on the clothing are perfectly matched with the model. A confusing visual unknown game came.

Moschino really thoroughly paid tribute to Berllo Picasso. Picasso’s three -dimensionalist period is good at using facial divisions from different angles to split the three -dimensional 3D human body on top of the canvas by two -dimensional manner, and this woman image printed skirt with a frame is paid tribute to Picasso’s favorite female map. Essence

“Woman with a grid skirt in Dabred”

And this black suit suit decorated with lines, abstract human face and distorted human body lines are more dramatic under the background color of pure black. There is a meaning of Picasso’s famous painting “Gelneyca”.


Even Spain, which was born Picasso, became one of the sources of inspiration for this season. The enthusiastic, unrestrained, and free Spanish aesthetics has become the bright red and bright blue in the Moschino 2020 spring and summer series. High contrast and high saturated colors hit each other, and a fierce and hearty bull dance Essence

The red red red is the red cloth that ignites the desire of the bull on the corner field, and the Spanish girls in the bull dance skirt, enthusiastic and unrestrained, in the stacked lotus leaf sleeves and sexy chicken heart collar, this belt this belt Attacking the fatal temptation is released.

“Muse motivates artists, and the art season inspires the world.” As Jeremy Scott said in the show’s notes, he will be inspired by Picasso, with clothing as a carrier, showing us a bold exaggeration, color, color Colorful and huge paintings.

Therefore, do not easily describe those horses on the silhouettes in a fixed term, because you can find that this is a breakthrough innovation. There is no boundary in painting, and imagination can take root, and clothing should gradually expand the border, so that innovation can follow.

We miss the endless 1990s and millenniums. The commercialization of the brand now allows designers to serve practicality and good sales. Only a few people still insist on the first artistic creation.

“Fashion should be interesting, whimsical.” Jeremy Scott said in an interview. Therefore, in addition to those eyeballs with abnormal blogs, those who do not understand that they are not understood for the time being. Fashion is exactly the true pursuit of inspiration and conceptual expression.

This time, as a successful business brand, Moschino brought us a surprise on the practical design. In the 1920s of the 21st century, why didn’t we try to become more interesting?

Moschino’s handbags have always evoked our childlikeness with interesting styles. Oil painting boards, oil painting women’s side face, abstract geometric figures perfectly balance modern and art.

Heping pigeons, folding leather jackets, and glittering frames of the grass, everything in Moschino can be a handbag, and the imagination of the puppet has long been broken.

And these pointed high -heeled shoes stitched by red, yellow, and green blocks are the most unique existence in shoes this season. It has the meaning of Mondrian and shows women’s modern display in sharp lines.

Aida domech

Dj jodie harsh

Fendi 2020 spring and summer series

The drama of Nikko Qingcheng is being staged

At 6:30 pm local time on September 19th, Fendi unveiled the mysterious veil of the women’s clothing show in the spring and summer 2020 in Milan. As the first personal independent spring and summer show after Karl Lagerfeld’s departure as a designer Silvia Venturini Fendi, how will she continue the classic Italian craft aesthetics and how to integrate her personal style in it. After this big show, all the guess about FENDI’s future style seemed to have answers.

With the pink of the toe of the opening model, Silvia Venturini FENDI’s “transformation” of FENDI can be seen. From the perspective of female designers, more girl elements and brisk colors are added to the design of this season, this classic century -old brand will once again become younger.

Under the shining theme of the sunlight, the printed elements in the FENDI 2020 spring and summer series also contaminated the highlights of the sun, swaying on the Chinese suit with a more eye -catching color and a blooming attitude. , Modern and elegant honey brown, all surrounded by this vigorous vitality, reveal a lively feminine temperament in the lively print.

In addition to printing, the classic checkered element of FENDI returns again. Viheg pattern with natural atmosphere appears on fur jackets, jackets, shorts and even lining. interesting.

What is even more exciting is those plaid fabrics covered with a layer of light, and the light is overflowing between walking. This is the surprise brought by the FENDI with the exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it is a minimalist V -shaped collar top or a transparent short -sleeved shirt, it has become more blurred and dreamy.

This time, FENDI focuses on the cool design of the ultimate light design and the fluffy silhouettes like flying up in the early spring and summer. The fine twisted gold strip at the edge of the skirt is the ultimate manifestation of the craftsmanship, making women full of exquisiteness from details to the whole. The girl’s bubble gauze and lantern water sleeve design is Silvia Venturini FENDI’s expression of the soft side of modern women.

Since it is a classic inheritance, FENDI’s consistent summer fur must not be missing. This time, FENDI stitches it with the tulle with dark -textured prints to wrap women’s strength and inner softness at the same time. This is the most perfect woman in modern times.

In the past, the sharp silhouette has also become more lazy and comfortable. The honeycomb hollow installation that FENDI has always preferred has also chosen to appear with a softer sweater. The flower -shaped stitching traces on the organic cotton jacket also show the more feminine trend of this season.

This season, FENDI’s classic Baguette handbags have been made into a more natural style. The fabric flowers inlaid in the handbag, special leather weaving process, and even transparent beading elements, with fresh color matching more spring and summer.

Peekaboo handbags are also made of more natural materials such as Lafite, linen fabrics, etc., blowing the refreshing natural wind to the end.

This season’s shoes also continue the romantic and elegant atmosphere. Crocodile patterns, plaids, and flower prints are combined with high heels and sandals. The heel design with sculpture is quite integrated with the sweetness and Modern Modern to play with us to play with us to play with us to play us to play us to play us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us to play with us to play us to play with us and play to us. There was a symphony of spring.

Baguette Handbag Ambassador Tan Zhuo appeared at the big show scene in the FENDI autumn and winter series. The rice golden dark pattern dress was paired with a dark red pressure pocket bag.

Actor Katie Holmes

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