How to eliminate static electricity on your body? Remove static small tricks

When it comes to the troubles brought to us in winter, in addition to the cold, there is also a very confusing phenomenon -static electricity.

I believe that many people will encounter this situation, that is, in winter, there are always static electricity on their bodies, on their hair, clothes, and even the stretching hands. Fighting us, do we have no power to face this natural phenomenon? Is there any way to remove static electricity?

Next, Xiaobian will give you a science science to remove the little trick of electrostatic electricity, and move out of the small bench to listen to the talk!

Daily method:

1. Go out and wash your hands, or put your hand on the wall to remove the static electricity! There are also clothes that do not wear chemical fiber.

2. In order to avoid static hits, you can use small metal devices (such as key), cotton rags, etc. to touch the door, door handle, faucet, back, bed bar, etc., and then touch it with your hands.

3. Wear cotton underwear.

4. Bathing and changing clothes frequently can effectively eliminate static electricity at the surface area of ​​the human body.

5. Use some electrostatic protection equipment and measures to control the electrostatic in the human body and the environment. Staff can wear anti -static uniforms and shoes and laying anti -static grounds. You can also use the wire to ground the device, so that the charge can be introduced into the earth to avoid static electricity accumulation.

6. Properly increase the humidity in the living room, such as farming and fishing or using a humidifier can also effectively eliminate static electricity. When the humidity in the air is increased to 45%, static electricity is difficult to generate.

7. Try to wear cotton clothes as much as possible. It is best to soak it with a soft agent and then dry it when washing fiber clothes.

8. When combing your hair, dip the comb in water and comb your hair.

9. Frequent wash, face washing, and bathing can also eliminate the charge and dust of the human surface.

10. It should be noted that static electricity stimulates greater stimulation. It is best to touch the heating tablets, water pipes, or other ground metal bodies before hugging the baby to release the static electricity itself to avoid stimulation to the baby.

11. Apply a layer of vitamin A/C/E on the surface of plastic, rubber and other plastics that are prone to static electricity to prevent static electricity. Therefore, for many women’s troublesome clothes, you can also solve it through this method! For example, when wearing stockings and chemical fiber skirts that are very easy to static electrostatic, apply a little vitamin A/C/ E can easily block the gathering of static electricity, so that you can get rid of the troubles of electrostatic!

Have these tricks remembering?

Remember, pay attention to planting grass essence, and there are more life tricks waiting for you ~

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