Li Qin has always been a female star who is at the forefront of the fashion circle. This age is relatively young in the entertainment industry, so the aesthetic taste is also fashionable and foreign. Regardless of the red carpet show or the airport dress, Li Qin’s shape is unique enough. It uses loose knitted vests to create the image of a literary student girl, which is more pure and literary!

Li Qin’s skin is white and tall and thin, so it is also a perfect “hanger”. The knit vest items selected this time are more suitable for her petite girl. If the shoulders are thicker, choose such a single product, it is likely to wear a “tiger back” feeling, affecting the visual effect.

Short -sleeved items are essential in summer matching. If you want to be unusual and play with personality charm, you can pick items like Li Qin. Both are coordinated with sports pants or super shorts, and they are more avant -garde than cotton fabrics, and they are more suitable for young girls.

1. How to interpret the sense of high -level knit vest

① Use irregular knitted lines to shape the high -level and fashionable fan

The regular and symmetrical knitted element, although delicate and gentle, is a bit dull. Li Qin’s chosen knitted vest is more personalized, knitted patterns are irregular, and small holes are formed between large gaps, which are particularly avant -garde. Although the design version of the entire item is relatively simple, it can easily shape the high -level fashion fan!

② Loose version, wear comfortable and comfortable charm

Not only the knitted vest is a loose design version, but the denim shorts selected by Li Qin are also relatively loose. The overall clothing is particularly comfortable and lazy, and it is particularly comfortable and easy. If it is not a necessary occasion, it is recommended that the fairies match the loose version in summer, which will have less restraint. In order to explain the cool and simple fashion charm!

③ Light color combination, pure and elegant

The milk tea -colored knitted vest has a gentle and sweet glutinous style, with light blue jeans and white shoulder bag, the overall shape of large -scale color is light, more pure and elegant, simple and streamlined, of course, and of course, the fashion foreign style Chic Essence

Second, Li Qin’s avant -garde airport match analysis

1. White shirt rendering dry and easy to practice

In this set, Li Qin chose a basic white shirt in the upper body, using a black tie to modify, streamlined and domineering. Although the color is more monotonous, it can easily interpret the charm of the workplace. The lower body is matched with super shorts on the spoil, highlighting the long curve of the chopsticks and legs, and stepping on small white shoes to show the light and pure charm!

The middle -sleeved white shirt is simple and atmospheric. The V -shaped neckline set off the beautiful curve of the collarbone, and it is very dignified. With black pants to wear a casual neutral style, metal belt is embellished, breaking the monotonous atmosphere of the combination of white black elements, and a bit of coolness and unruly style. The small white shoes echo the color of the peaked cap. The smiley face pattern on the hat brings a bit of fresh and vitality to the overall look.

This white short sleeve uses the design style of the shirt, inlaid with metal buttons, so it is particularly delicate and cool. Put your shirt into the shorts, classic and casual, which can outline the small waist, but also look slender! It is not difficult to find that Li Qin’s many sets of wear are used in black and white, which shows that she has a lot of love for white black style!

2. White T -shirt creates a sense of gentle and casual high level

The black flower pattern in the white short sleeves is relatively niche, so it is particularly novel and full of artistic style. With a black shirt outside, the length is flat with the denim shorts, which is more conducive to loud sound. With the Martin boots, the cool and easy -to -free hair, the ball hair style is refreshing and soft, and the white limbs are full of stunning!

The sleeveless shoulder -length white short -sleeved design version is neat and refreshing, and the overall style is more suitable for women with one -shoulder. Although the style is simple, it is more conducive to enhancing the gas field. Li Qin chose khaki suit trousers and short sleeves. The two items were particularly gentle and elegant, and they were cool and handsome. Wearing a black peaked cap, it is a little more low -key.

A whole set of pure white items is combined with simple and casual and atmospheric, and the same color system saves the trouble of color matching. It is a place for lazy people to wear and worthy of reference! Li Qin used a loose T -shirt with five -point shorts, which was beautiful and gentle. Although it is not as comfortable as the low -top style, it is more handsome and stylish. Moving style with gray shoulder bag is quite elegant.

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