Lyh-My2 Six Factor Meteorological Station

Lyh-my2 full intelligence control portable digital high-precision artificial simulation rainwater

1. Product overview

The Lyh-My2 full intelligence control portable digital high-precision artificial simulation rainwater is our company’s new generation of portable fully automatic artificial simulation rainfall system. The automatic measurement and control technology adopted by this system can not only accurately realize the requirements of the water security ecological research professional indicators, but also meet the simulation of industrial -grade multi -professional natural rainfall. The use of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions can fully achieve the requirements of the rainfall simulation.

2. Product characteristics

1. It is mainly used for various temporary or short -term indoor and outdoor artificial simulation rainfall experiments.

2. The overall installation is designed with fast installation. The unique bracket self -lock expansion agency ensures the shortcut of the bracket assembly. The pipeline connectors are connected to the fast -connection.

3. Made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, strong and durable.

4. System self -proving power generation/water power/rainfall mediation.

5. Adopting the original imported under -imported rainfall of the American Spaying Systems, which can make the raindrops falling into the ground energy similar to natural rainfall.

6. The entire product is designed and produced in accordance with the standards of military industry. The service life can reach more than 20 years.

7. Various rainfall setting mode: Cumulative rainfall mode, cumulative time mode, intermittent rainfall mode, cumulative rainfall and time dual -control mode, and time control segmentation multi -rain mode.

8. Combination of various nozzles: Mist -like rain, light rain nozzle, middle rain nozzle, heavy rain nozzle, heavy rain nozzle

9. Statistics of high precision rainfall information, adopt advanced electromagnetic water flow information collection modules, can directly calculate the amount of rainfall cumulative amount in 1 second, and the resolution can reach 0.1mm.

10. Built -in large -capacity data storage system, can store up to 100,000 historical data, and can automatically generate rainfall curves.

11. Support wired and wireless dual communication modes. Wired communications include RS485, RS232, USB, and wireless communications include LORA Digital Radio, Bluetooth Communication, and 4G communication.

12. Simulation environment cloud monitoring, you can query and configure the simulation rainfall data through the mobile WeChat app or the remote server computer in real time.

3. Technical indicators


Technical specification

Spray brand

American spraying

Operation method

Full -color touch screen PID control

Effective rainfall area

2 × 2 = 4m2; 2 × 5 = 10 m2 (with a foot wheel, the slope angle 5 °, 10 °, 15 °)

Effective rainfall high

2 ~ 2.5 m

Rainfall mode

Cumulative rainfall mode, cumulative time mode, intermittent rainfall mode

The range of continuous changes in Yuqiang

30 ~ 260 mm/h

Raindrop size regulation range

0.3 ~ 6mm covering light rain, medium rain, heavy rain

Adjust the time of rain strong changes


Rainfall uniformity coefficient

> 0.8

Rainfall adjustment accuracy

7 mm/h

Rainfall measuring error

± 2%

Rainfall time settings


Data storage capacity

> 100,000 pieces

Rainfall tube inherited the inner diameter of the rain

6200+0.6mm outer blade mouth angle 45

Rain amount cylinder resolution


Data communication method

Wired RS485 USB; Wireless Lora 4G Bluetooth

software platform

Cloud platform, mobile WeChat platform, computer -side platform

Fast -loading mode

Equipped with a 90 -degree self -lock fast connection module

Designed life

> 20 years

Operating Voltage

1 × 220VAC, 50Hz


> 2.2 KVA

Power fluctuation

± 10%

Liquid name

Room temperature



Liquid temperature

5-45 ℃

Electrical guide

> 5us/cm

Liquid viscosity


Ambient temperature

5-40 ℃

Maximum humidity



<1000 m

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