CCTV exposed the truth of the mask, and 99%of people were deceived.

I have seen a set of data. The total retail sales of the Chinese mask market reached 19.1 billion yuan in 2017, accounting for 10.0%of the market share of the skin care products. It is expected that by 2022, it will exceed 30 billion.

The mask has become a must -have skin care magic weapon for manpower.

Especially the sliced ​​mask, convenient, cheap, and obvious. Regardless of men, women and children, you can maintain your face anytime, anywhere.

But after understanding the truth of the mask, you will definitely disappoint the functional mask.

Regarding the mask, there was a very hot paragraph on the Internet:

“I don’t understand why girls like to apply mask. Isn’t that thick layer of stuff, just wipe the layer of the medium on the face? Also applied for half an hour, all kinds of fungus of the leather table are happy, wait for you to finish the application. They are all in the same hall! “

Although there are exaggerated ingredients, the situation is not optimistic.

Last year, the test personnel of the State Drug Administration tested the 26 batches of masks of 16 enterprises. It was found that the total number of 18 batches of masks of the 18 batches of enterprises exceeded the standard, and the highest standard was as high as 7200 times.

The total number of colonies exceeded the sanitation of the mask.

Dermatologists say that once the mask implies the pathogenic bacteria and bacteria, if the skin has a small damage, the pathogenic bacteria can be entered through the wound; if it is bacteria, it may cause infection.

Even if there is a facial mask in the non -pathogenic bacteria, it may cause normal colonies of the skin, damage the skin’s barrier function, and destroy the balance of the skin’s own pH.

There are also those so -called beauty salon professional masks, many of which are from these unqualified mask vendors, and then they make a brand packaging into a tall high -priced mask pit to cheat consumers.

The mask is not carefully selected, and it is quite simple to make yourself a sensitive muscle.

The Department of Dermatology of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University has visited a female patient. She has the habit of frequent masks. The same mask has been used for 2 years, but her skin is becoming more and more sensitive.

When medical treatment, the entire face is red and itchy, and the emotions are even more obvious.

The doctor said that this is a typical hormone dependent dermatitis, and the treatment is long and tricky.

The problem is on this mask.

The Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration has illegally added risk monitoring for online sales mask products. The price of 137 kinds of masks purchased from major e -commerce platforms and micro -business sellers ranges from less than 20 yuan to more than 200 yuan.

The results showed that 33 masks detected illegal sugar corticosteroids, which accounted for nearly 1/4 of the sample.

The “Cosmetics Sanitation Specifications” promulgated by my country in 2007 clearly stipulates that glucocorticoids are disabled in cosmetics.

Adding short -term use in the mask will accelerate metabolism, shrink the capillaries, and make the skin look tender.

In fact, it is just that hormones keep the skin water sodium sodium. After the corneal cells are absorbed, the water content increases, which makes people mistakenly think that the water is full.

But long -term use is “skin opium”. If you use hormone -containing skin care products without knowing it, you will form dependencies in two weeks.

After suspension, erythema, pimples, and capillaries expand, make the skin thinner, the skin metabolizes, the skin becomes more and more dry, forming a hormone face.

Once a similar phenomenon occurs, the mask should be discontinued immediately.

Don’t trust the normal detoxification phenomenon of merchants and beauty salons. It is a solution to go to a regular hospital for a serious early hospital.

In the final analysis, add hormones, but it is to strengthen the efficacy of the mask. The effect is obvious, and the skin is delicate and moist, so that consumers think that finally planting grass to unlimited repurchase products, it is easy to use people to push.

As everyone knows, it is difficult to estimate the toxic and side effects of the skin. The more the effects of the effect in a short period of time, the greater the risk.

The masks on the market are varied.

Sheet -shaped, tearing, smearing, sleep … and the film -shaped mask is also popular because of its convenience, low price, and clear and moisturizing effect.

What kind of mask, whitening, whitening, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, firming, removing blackheads, shrinking pores, all kinds of effects, only you can’t think of it, no it can.

But most masks can really play only one, that is, moisturizing, and other effects are really minimal.

Cleaning the mask is cleaning the surface oil, and even the most basic hydration function is exaggerated and abused.

Because the balance of skin water is maintained by the overall balance of the body, it cannot be replenished through the outside of the skin.

The so -called hydration through the mask is to form a high -pressure penetration environment through the mask paper, so that the water molecules can be forcibly entered the skin, allowing the water to stay in the stratum corneum temporarily, and temporarily tender.

Whether it is a mask or moisturizing milk, it only has a moisturizing effect, not hydrating.

Therefore, I really want the skin to be tender and tender, and it is better to drink plenty of water, and then apply the essence and moisturizing cream in time to do a good job of moisturizing.

As for the whitening and hydrating masks of the effects, it is more likely to add illegal additives such as hormones, fluorescent agents, and mercury.

Don’t look too much about the mask.

Although the mask can only make the skin tender temporarily, it is not useless.

Sister Kapok consulted her good girlfriend -Rona, who had served as the marketing director of the internationally renowned facial mask brand, said:

Moisturizing is the basis of all maintenance. Through continuous mask moisturizing and playing the skin foundation, and combined with other effect creams and essences, it can jointly consolidate and enhance the skin.

Acute moisturizing, applying masks is also very useful. For example, makeup is not convinced, easy to get stuck, and it is very effective to apply it before applying makeup;

After doing moisturizing, the skin is still very dry, and it is impossible to apply the mask temporarily.

Therefore, it is critical to master the correct method of applying the mask.

1. Apply the mask every day is really not good, only 1 to 2 times a week.

Applying the mask is too frequent, it is easy to damage the skin stratum corneum, destroy the skin barrier function, and cause hydrophilic dermatitis.

2. Apply the mask time should not be too long, 10 ~ 15 minutes is appropriate.

If it is not particularly dry, it is actually enough for 10 minutes. It is best not to exceed 15 minutes.

3. Acne muscle and sensitive muscles use the mask carefully.

Applying the mask is a closed environment. It is easy to make it easy. It is not friendly to acne muscles. If the severe acne muscle, don’t delusional to improve skin care products.

The sensitive muscle is even more. Choosing a mask that is not suitable for the skin will only increase skin problems.

4. Moisturizing, moisturizing, and sunscreen are more important than applying masks.

Especially after applying the mask, you must do a good job of moisturizing work according to conventional steps, and timely apply the essence of efficacy and cream to consolidate the skin, otherwise the mask will be applied in vain.

Of course, it is important to choose a mask with caution.

In the unqualified mask published by the Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau, online sales and micro -business channels are severely disaster -stricken areas.

Many masks of online celebrities and celebrities, online sales, and micro -business channels, in fact, many of them are three -free products that cannot be found.

At this time, log in to the website of the State Drug Administration to query the filing of related products and whether there is any compliance and other information, you can easily identify it.

And those brand masks that are too different from the original price are alert to the possibility of counterfeiting.

Choosing regular channels and choosing a brand with the Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau will be relatively safe and reliable.

In the end, Sister Kapok wanted to say that the mask is non -skin care, and it is your freedom.

However, rather than improving skin problems in the mask, it is better to maintain a healthy diet and regular work and rest habits, and do a good job of daily cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen.

The above is the introduction and description of sheet facial mask, I hope it can be helpful to you.